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Jul 24, 2009
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Provides integration with Bazaar distributed version control system.


  • add, remove, rename
  • status, commit
  • rollback
  • history
  • push, pull

Requires: Bazaar (v1.11+) with xmloutput plugin (v0.8+).

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--bzr4idea team

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Recent change notes

Version 2.0-M3 (development milestone) Version 2.0-M2 (development milestone)
  • implemented commands: history, rollback, push, pull
  • history tree now shows merged revisions
  • See also release notes.
Version 2.0-M1 (development milestone)
  • Supports latest IDEA 8.1.
  • implemented commands: add, remove, rename, status, commit
  • configuration: bzr executable, partial cygwin support
  • Known issues:
    • Windows/Cygwin: Using bzr@cygwin requires proxy *.cmd (not *bat) executable. (Ask on forum if you need help.)
    • Requires a healthy bzr branch with a working tree.
    • Other features implemented for git4idea are disabled or might be broken (and may or may not work).
  • See also release notes.
Version 0.5-SNAPSHOT
  • compiled for java5 (
  • minor fix (
Version 0.4
  • bugfixes ( 243067 262147 )
  • updated Bazaar client library (uses xmlrpc server, requires bzr plugin xmloutput 0.5+)
Version 0.3
  • migrated to bzr-java-client used by eclipse plugin (joining forces)
  • multiple bzr root support
  • configurable executable
Version 0.2
  • Basic commands: Checkin, Rollback, Show History, Annotate
Version 0.1
  • Initial implementation: silent propagation of filesystem operations (add,move,rename,copy,...) to Bazaar VCS. There is no GUI yet. All VCS operations (commit, revert, etc...) are left to command line...