Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
May 20, 2016
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Resolves module dependencies through Ivy


  • Apache Ivy integration (up to v2.4.0); no need for external ant build scripts to be called
  • Automatic ivy configuration of modules using facets (for modules containing an ivy.xml file)
  • Detection of dependencies that are really other intellij modules in the same project; these are added as module references
  • Detect source/document/jar type ivy artifacts in dependencies and add them as such to the module
  • Creation of a module library with all resolved ivy dependencies
  • Ivy configurations that need to be resolved can be chosen for each module
  • Properties can be injected into the ivy resolve process

Recent change notes

New bugfix release of the IvyIDEA plugin available!

General usage instructions

Configure the ivysettings file (usually called ivyconf.xml or ivysettings.xml) in the project settings. Add an IvyIDEA facet for every module you have that uses ivy (if it was not autodetected already) and point it to the ivy.xml file for that module. You can now resolve your dependencies through the Tools > IvyIDEA Resolve menu or through the right click menu of the project explorer.