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Jan 29, 2019
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Bash language support for the IntelliJ platform.
Supports run configurations, syntax highlighting, rename refactoring, documentation lookup, inspections, quickfixes and much more.
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Recent change notes

Changes in version 1.7.5 (eap channel):
  • #660: Add support for EAP 191.x builds

Changes in version 1.7.4:
  • #634: Handle invalid paths in include file inspection
  • #636: handle parse errors in interpreter paths in run configurations
  • #645: fix NPE in keyword handling

Changes in version 1.7.3:
  • Versions 1.7.0 to 1.7.2 enabled the new project interpreter by default. This was breaking old run configurations. This version now disabled the project interpreter by default and tries to keep run configurations created with 1.7.x working. We're sorry for any inconvenience which was caused by this.
  • #624: Don't enable the project interpreter by default to keep run configurations created by 1.6.13 and earlier working. BashSupport tries to keep run configs modified by 1.7.0-1.7.2 working.
  • #625: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException at startup
  • #627: Fix exception when code folding was called when indexing
  • Don't show files in command completion which don't match *.exe or *.bat

Changes in version 1.7.2:
  • #622: Fix wrong size of script icons

Changes in version 1.7.1:
  • Handle errors parsing elements of $PATH
  • Fix handling of interpreter path when creating new run configurations

Changes in version 1.7.0:
  • Feature: New icons (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • Feature: Show path next to path command completion items
  • Feature: Add folding for variables (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • Feature: Add inspection to check, whether function name is in lower camel case (contribued by dheid)
  • Feature: Add inspection and quickfix to detect double brackets (contribued by dheid)
  • Feature: #478: New setting for project wide interpreter path
  • Feature: #482: Make new Bash files executable for the current user by default
  • Feature: #477: Support for .bashrc and custom file extensions
  • Improve handling of local variables in functions
  • Variables declared by local -r are now treated as read-only (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #318: Codefolding support (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #400: Heredoc after command & is not parsed (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #487: Use native path for shell script and working directory for new Bash run configurations
  • #518: printf -v "${var}" flagged as Error
  • #519: local -a arrays not recognized (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #521: control+j does not offer for loop solutions (contributed by t0r0X)
  • #522: Not a valid identifier in shell script with Bash functions with dash (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #526: Documentation wasn't shown when the caret was positioned at the end of a command
  • #540: Tilde (~) not resolved correctly in file paths
  • #545: Don't parse "in" in "read in" as keyword, but as variable name
  • #546: Color schemes: "Inherit values from" has no effect when checked (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #551: Add default value TERM=xterm-256color when running a Bash script if there's not value defined in the run configuration
  • #558: Enable execute button of Bash run configuration even when IntelliJ is indexing
  • #566: Fix slow startup of the IDE when BashSupport is installed
  • #568: variable incorrectly flagged as read-only (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #572: False-positive unresolved variables using names matching prefix parameter expansion (contributed by nosovae-dev)
  • #599: Values passed to "export -f" were not resolved to the function definition
  • #611: Work around "class BashIcons not found" exception which is (probably) caused by a bug in IntelliJ
  • Add action to create a report on the currently detected file type
  • Add kotlin language for development plugin (contributed by nosovae-dev)

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