JRebel for IntelliJ

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Mar 01, 2018
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JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to reload code changes instantly. It skips the rebuild, restart, and redeploy cycle common in Java development. JRebel enables developers to get more done in the same amount of time and stay in the flow while coding. JRebel supports a majority of real-world enterprise java stacks and is easy to install into existing development environments.

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Recent change notes


  • Improvement: added an IDE notification, informing the user that Legacy Agent and support for Java 5 will be removed from future distributions.
  • Improvement: removed setting "Show JRebel messages in standard output" from JRebel Advanced Configuration.


  • Feature: added functionality for asking user consent for processing of personally identifiable information (PII) for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Without user's explicit consent, no PII will be processed.
  • Improvement: added support for NTLM proxy authentication.
  • Bug fix: fixed a dropdown menu displaying issue in Help > JRebel > Configuration > Startup.


  • Feature: improved project configuration UI, added means to override rebel.xml path for project.
  • Improvement: removed promotional notifications for XRebel Local.
  • Bug fix: debugger arguments are now correctly passed to the forked process when debugging a Grails application with JRebel and IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.3.


  • Improvement: added support for email and email domain verification when using the License Server.
  • Improvement: an offline lease can now be automatically renewed when the IDE starts with an expired offline lease.
  • Improvement: the JRebel plugin now supports using proxy arguments from automatic configuration scripts in IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where JRockit minimum heap size 16MB conflicted with -Xmx8M, added by launching support.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where enabling all projects in JRebel Panel would add JRebel to non-Java projects in IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where the standalone activation dialog left hanging indefinitely while displaying "Checking license status...".
  • Bug fix: the "getting started" notification is no longer shown when the JRebel trial is already over.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where proxy settings were not being forwarded from IntelliJ to JRebel Agent when rebel.ide.forward_proxy_args=true is set.


  • Improvement: added confirmation dialog when enabling JRebel and remote server support for all projects.
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug where JVM would not start up due to selecting native agent with wrong bitness when bitness detection timed out.


  • Improvement: improved error messages when License Server is unreachable.
  • Bug fix: fixed a process time out error when detecting Java version of a remote server.


  • Feature: JRebel usage statistics are now sent retroactively and in bulk to the License Server.
  • Bug fix: improved the time spent on detecting external JVMs configured in the IDE.
  • Bug fix: improved JRebel startup instructions for Tomcat in Linux and macOS when path contains spaces.


  • Improvement: the JRebel IDE plugin now automatically switches from Legacy Agent to JRebel Agent when starting an application with Java 9 JVM.
  • Bug fix: fixed various link text colors in JRebel Configuration and in JRebel activation window while using a dark theme.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue that prevented JRebel users from canceling offline seat mode when using License Server 3.0.4 or older.


  • Feature: added an IDE notification informing the user when the license is about to expire.
  • Improvement: deprecate and warn about Legacy Agent when IDE is running on JDK9.
  • Improvement: added support for starting Java 9 applications with JRebel Agent when native agent is not supported on the system.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where JRebel Configuration panel cant be opened from Activation dialog in latest versions of IntelliJ.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with License Server HttpClient creation that caused licensing to fail in some cases.


  • Improvement: added support for running Spring Boot Gradle run configurations with JRebel.


  • Improvement: redesigned License Server error notifications and added console logging. Error messages now include information on problem root cause.
  • Improvement: decreased obtrusiveness of license expiry notification.
  • Improvement: improved embedded startup instructions for Spring Boot bootRun.
  • Improvement: implemented select/unselect all in JRebel Panel.
  • Bug fix: fixed JRebel reactivation for cases where previous License Server group was no longer valid.
  • Bug fix: fixed read timeout during remote server synchronization in certain cases.
  • Bug fix: fixed symlink handling in rebel.xml when using remote server support.


  • Updated embedded JRebel agent to 7.0.12.


  • Bug fix: paths with backslashes in remote server support are now properly resolved on Windows.
  • Bug fix: removed duplicated modules from the JRebel Panel after importing a Gradle project.


  • Feature: added a warning notification letting the user know that their License Server offline seat is about to expire within 24 hours.
  • Improvement: added retrying for License Server calls that fail with network issues.
  • Bug fix: fixed issues with the rebel.xml generation path for Gradle projects.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where remote synchronization with a HTTP proxy configured in the IDE did not use the proxy configuration properly.
  • Bug fix: added the correct argument for embedded remote standalone instructions in the JRebel Startup panel.
  • Bug fix: fixed rebel.xml not being included into JAR/WAR for Gradle projects when the resources folder does not exist.


  • Feature: added the option to upgrade the JRebel IDE plugin from a nightly build to the latest release from Help > JRebel > Configuration > Advanced.
  • Improvement: the notification for updating remote servers has been removed.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with disabling JRebel throwing an exception in IntelliJ 2017 when rebel.xml file is open.
  • Bug fix: IDE plugins no longer incorrectly timeout when connecting to the License Server.
  • Bug fix: JRebel plugin now uses IDE proxy settings when submitting support tickets.
  • Bug fix: JRebel plugin now correctly submits support tickets when the IDE is running JDK 6 or JDK 7.


  • Feature: added the option to automatically download and switch to latest JRebel agent nightly build via Help > JRebel > Configuration > Advanced.
  • Improvement: warn user when an external jrebel.jar is missing from the IDE plugin.
  • Improvement: remote server support module settings will show a tooltip about adding or selecting workspace servers when none are available.
  • Bug fix: disabling rebel.xml and rebel-remote.xml backup feature on projects with colliding metadata directories.
  • Bug fix: reduced the number of requests made to License Server by the JRebel IDE plugins in order to get a license.


  • Improvement: updated the End User License Agreement to version 3.8.
  • Bug fix: fixed an exception in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 caused by enabling JRebel from context drop down menu.
  • Bug fix: fixed an exception in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 caused by activating JRebel from confirmation dialog while running an application with JRebel.
  • Bug fix: fixed activation issues with License Server 3.2.1 and older.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue where some resources were not synchronized during a manual synchronization following rebel.xml changes.


  • Improvement: better performance upon opening Weblogic run configuration.
  • Bug fix: fixed a StackOverflowError when parsing JRebel Command Line startup instructions.
  • Bug fix: fixed a SSLPeerUnverifiedException when connecting to License Server using self signed certificate.


  • Improvement: JRebel activation prompt is no longer hidden behind project window during server launch.
  • Bug fix: the synchronize button state on JRebel Panel is no longer shared across projects in multiple windows.


  • Improvement: removed unused help buttons introduced in IntelliJ IDEA 2017 for some dialogs.
  • Bug fix: issue with remote server support not synchronizing for multimodule Gradle projects.


  • Improvement: End User License Agreement has been updated to version 3.7.
  • Improvement: added support for hiding "New stable version available" and "New version available" notifications.
  • Improvement: full paths of remotely synchronized directories are now written to log file.
  • Improvement: the Plugins tab has been removed from JRebel Configuration.
  • Improvement: rebel.xml files now contain a bit of helpful documentation explaining their purpose.
  • Improvement: renamed "JRebel Modules" to "JRebel Panel".
  • Improvement: removed the "open rebel.xml" button from JRebel panel.
  • Improvement: revised the "Submit a Support Ticket" dialog validation and error messages.
  • Improvement: remote synchronizations are now included when calculating the time saved statistics.
  • Bug fix: the flag 'rebel.temp.dir' is now correctly used to store remotely uploaded files.
  • Bug fix: removed the "Incoming network connection" popup in macOS when starting IDE with JRebel plugin enabled.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with "When a file is not found in IDE workspace" checkbox state persistence over IDE restart.
  • Bug fix: the debugger now attaches to the correct Grails process in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 and newer.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with bootclasspath generation for Legacy Agent.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue generating rebel.xml in Gradle projects.
  • Bug fix: fixed the JRebel run icon on HDPI screens with dark theme to use a higher quality icon.


  • Feature: added support for omitting recurring IDE notifications. Omitting settings can be reset via JRebel Configuration.
  • Improvement: added JRebel icons to remote server support related IDE notifications.
  • Improvement: replaced some IDE notifications with JRebel Console log messages.
  • Improvement: improved "trial ended" notification message.
  • Improvement: improved remote server support description in settings.
  • Bug fix: reverted interpretation of ${rebel.workspace.path} to how it was before 7.0.1.
  • Bug fix: plugin now correctly backs up the latest version of rebel.xml if the file has recently been edited in IntelliJ.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with JRebel Debug run configuration not using the JDWP port defined by the user.
  • Bug fix: fixed an exception on remote server synchronization when proxy password was not set.
  • Bug fix: fixed rebel-remote.xml getting reset while updating project's remote server settings.
  • Bug fix: big amount of modules (over 200) introduces lag on scrolling JRebel Panel.


  • Feature: implemented the new detailed remote server configuration for individual projects.
  • Improvement: revised the error messages displayed in the activation dialog.
  • Improvement: revised notifications text and triggers to reduce overall notifications.
  • Improvement: removed the option for "notify me if JRebel was unable to reload something" from JRebel configuration > Advanced.
  • Improvement: show notification about first rebel.xml errors/warning once per IDE session.
  • Bug fix: standalone instructions have been restored in the IDE embedded startup instructions.
  • Bug fix: the proxy option for "no proxy for" now works correctly with multiple entries.
  • Bug fix: fields in the trial activation panel no longer shift when text is entered.
  • Bug Fix: JRebel agent log levels have been added to JRebel configuration > Advanced.


Upgrading to JRebel 7 from an older version? Refer to https://zeroturnaround.com/software/jrebel/jrebel7-agent-upgrade for the upgrade notes.

  • Feature: JRebel Agent is now the default agent implementation. IDE embedded startup instructions are updated to reflect this.
  • Improvement: specifying an email is now required for new License Server floating license activations.
  • Improvement: support for License Server failover instance has been removed.
  • Bug fix: the Java version lookup for WebSphere Liberty Profile has been improved to check configuration files in order to select correct JRebel native agent.
  • Bug fix: fixed issue where licensing calls ignored the "No proxy for" field value set in IntelliJ proxy settings.