Dto-Wrapper-Builder Generator

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Oct 05, 2009
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This plugin generates builder, dtos or special wrappers for given interfaces or classes.

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Recent change notes

- Configurable initialization of dto attributes added. First part of feature request 13 http://github.com/hanack/intellij-generator-plugin/issues#issue/13. - Configuration panel updated

General usage instructions

Generator for DTOs, Wrappers and Builders
This plugin generates classes in different scenarios.
* Based on getter in interfaces → DTOs and Wrapper can be created, which implement the interface.
* For classes → a builder for all attributes can be created as an inner class.

There are two possibilities to use the plugin.

1. Via the context menu in a given class or interface
2. Based on an annotation, the plugin generates Dtos or Wrapper for every annotated interface. The annotation can be configured in the plugin configuration.