Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Dec 26, 2012
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Java bytecode obfuscation made easy.

Seamless integration of yGuard in Intellij IDEA. Add Obfuscation facet to your Java module and choose which symbols to keep from obfuscation with IDEA inspections.

Key features:

  • No more hazzles with configuration files. Just hit ALT+ENTER on any symbol in the editor for keep options.
  • Create obfuscated archive directly from the IDE.
  • Refactor support. Kept symbols remain unobfuscated after rename or move.
  • Inspections for common obfuscation pitfalls.
  • Optional (toggleable) gutter icons for obfuscated symbols.
  • Export configuration for yGuard and ProGuard format.

Project home:

Recent change notes

  • Build for IDEA 12
  • Fixed inspection ids
  • Fixed @NotNull assertion error
  • Improved/added dialogs for export
  • Android support
  • Inspections for reflection issues with servlets, applets, etcetera
  • J2ME support
  • Fixed listener for renaming of packages
  • Inspections for plugin development
  • yGuard and ProGuard export
  • Inspections for serialization issues

General usage instructions

Add Obfuscation facet to your Java module to get going, "Project Structure (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S)" or "Module Settings" in project explorer. Obfuscation actions will only be visible in an Obfuscation facet. Full usage instructions at