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Jul 26, 2010
IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Mercurial integration - Luciad fork
RubyMine and WebIDE should work but hg4idea was never tested against them.

System Requirements:

  • IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate or Community)
  • Java 5+
  • Mercurial 1.3+

Please refer to the bitbucket site for more information.

Download plugin

Recent change notes

Changes in 0.6.16-luciad.10-9.0.3
  • [enhancement] plugin now compatible with IntelliJ 9.0.3
  • [bugfix] the update settings are now remembered
  • [bugfix] fixed some threading issues
Changes in 0.6.16-luciad.9-9.0.2
  • [enhancement] you can now diff to renamed versions of a file in the history window
  • [enhancement] you can now clone from within IntelliJ
  • [bugfix] the revert command now also works during a merge operation
  • [bugfix] moving a file between two mercurial repositories now works
  • [bugfix] reduced the number of temporary files created and made sure that they and all their derivatives are deleted (again ...)
Changes in 0.6.16-luciad.8-9.0.2
  • compatible with IntelliJ 9.0.2
  • [enhancement] the local pane of the diff window invoked from the 'Changes' view is now editable
  • [bugfix] the history items are now sorted numerically on revision instead of lexically
  • [bugfix] the history of a file now contains all revisions in which it changed
  • [bugfix] renames are now shown properly in the changes view
  • [bugfix] paths to hg.exe on Windows now also work
Changes in 0.6.14-luciad.7-9.0.1
  • [bugfix] the plugin now deletes _all_ temporary files it creates
Changes in 0.6.14-luciad.6-9.0.1
  • [bugfix] fixed possible exceptions when parsing revisions
Changes in 0.6.14-luciad.5-9.0.1
  • [bugfix] fixed distribution, the plugin can now be installed again
Changes in 0.6.14-luciad.4-9.0.1
  • [enhancement] the update behavior now emulates the fetch extension, except that it allows local modifications where possible
  • [enhancement] added more VCS-related actions to the popup menus of files
  • [bugfix] the plugin now cleans up the temporary files it creates
Changes in 0.6.14-luciad.3-9.0.1
  • [bugfix] committing a merge no longer complains about ignored files
  • [enhancement] 'Add to VCS' action is now available in right-click of files (merged from upstream)
Changes from the regular hg4idea
  • [bugfix] three-way merge editor now shows the correct content
  • [bugfix] prompts during merge and update etc. are now shown in the IDE instead of ignored
  • [bugfix] authentication dialog is now shown on the correct thread, allowing push and pull to secured servers
  • [enhancement] better error and warning reporting
  • [enhancement] update now works more consistently, especially when not at head revisions
  • [enhancement] default commit button now also works when committing merges