Time Tracker Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Apr 08, 2006
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A Time tracking plugin which automatically tracks the time spent on each project. I built this because I was getting irritated with using a time tracker which required that I start and stop recording on work I was doing (I always forgot to start or stop :-)) * Time tracking is based on activity within the IDEA editor. * Activity is measured on editors becoming visible as well as the isModified flag changes within each editor so it should reflect a fairly accurate representation of ongoing work. * When activity hasn't been identified within 5 minutes, the plugin will enter a paused state * The user can stop and restart time tracking as needed using the tool window * Time information is save to a file named [Project Name].time which is a CSV file containing the date the time tracking was started and the milliseconds recorded from then till a pause, stop or project close is detected. If you have any suggestions or requests on further versions of this plugin, or would like to send comments, please feel free to email me at andrew@andrewtimberlake.com I will try to get a website up in a few weeks.

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Recent change notes

* Added current time indicator to display the amount of time that has been spent on the project since it was openned. 2006-04-08 * Fixed NPE when creating a new project