Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 24, 2006
Provides an inpection with quickfix to help documenting field accessors. It detects missing javadoc comment on getters and setters when the corresponding field is correctly documented. It proposes to smart copy the javadoc from field to accessor.

There is an action in the editor context menu that allows you to select which javadoc elements will be deleted and then performs the deletion.

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Recent change notes

1.2.3 - If field's javadoc only contains tag, don't highlight the accessors. Fixed an NPE when only spaces in field javadoc.
1.2.2 - Fixed a NPE when there is no delete action settings.
1.2.1 - Class comments were always deleted.
1.2.0 - Added a javadoc delete action. Added a description for the inspection.
1.1.0 - Don't copy field javadoc tags to accessor
1.0.0 - First version