Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Apr 11, 2014
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RESTClient is an application used to test RESTful web services. Features include support for all HTTP methods, saving requests and responses, custom headers, basic and digest authentication, proxy servers, SSL, request/response tracing, test scripts, and Base64 password encoding/decoding.

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Recent change notes

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

Version 1.1

  • Updated to work with IntelliJ IDEA 11.0

Version 1.2

  • Updated to work with IntelliJ IDEA 13.0

General usage instructions

Download the file, unzip it into your IntelliJ IDEA "plugins" folder, and restart IDEA. Launch the RESTClient plugin by clicking its name/icon at the bottom of the IDEA window. Please note that the Bugtracker and Forum links above refer to the RESTClient application itself and not the plugin. For plugin-specific issues, please visit this URL: