Notation Converter

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Oct 23, 2011
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Plugin adds ability to convert the selected name between camel case (used in field's names) and uppercase underscore (used in constant's names). Works similar to 'Toggle case' action. E.g. 'MY_NAME' -> 'myName'. Usage:
  • ALT+SHIFT+U on a name (shortcut).
  • Edit -> Camel Case / Underscore Conversion (from Edit menu).

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Recent change notes

version 1.1.0
  • Added ability to convert name in any kind of file (not only source files)
  • Added ability to convert name in refactoring modal window (after hitting SHIFT+F6)
  • Changed default shortcut to (ALT + SHIFT + U) - similar to 'Toggle Case' action (CTRL + SHIFT + U)
  • Moved action to 'Edit menu' and changed its name to 'Camel Case / Underscore Conversion'