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Dec 22, 2018
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The Cross-platform Toolkit
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Recent change notes

This jar is compatible with IDEA 2018.x

It was built using IDEA build IU-181.5540.7

Unreleased Changes:

  • Allow AIR targets to be debugged using the flash system. (Issue #849)

1.1 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Added support of haxe 4 syntax "enum abstract".
  • Add support of final syntax introduced in Haxe 4.
  • Add support of new function types syntax introduced in Haxe 4.
  • Increased responsiveness in UI, annotations, and other operations that look up type information by a factor of 10.
  • Now infers generic types from map and array literals. (e.g. ["this" => "yours"] is Map).
  • Now resolves typedefs to underlying types. (e.g. `var v:Null` is resolved as a `String` type.)
  • Now propagates type parameters (generics) properly through typedefs.
  • Now resolves types when used with array access (e.g. `map[0].length` no longer marked as errors).
  • Now infers types of methods without specific typing (e.g. `map.get(0).length` no longer marked as errors).
  • Added support of read/write access separation for "find usages".
  • Inspections for non-haxe files disabled. (Issue #875)
  • Fixed recognizing type of "this" expression.
  • Fixed bug when physical variables were marked as not real.
  • Fixed searching of interface implementations and inheritance hierarchy.
  • Added find usages support for constructors. (Issue #530)
  • Fixed find usages support for properties.
  • Add completion dropdown when ':' is typed and a type is expected.
  • Fix of support of explicit abstract forwards. Now fields and methods that have not been forwarded will not be resolved as valid.
  • Fixed recognition of standard types.
  • Fixed NPE that occurred if current project sdk was not properly configured.
  • Fix indents for anonymous structures fields and extends list.
  • Fix indents for fat arrow expressions.
  • Fix parsing of anonymous type with empty body.
  • Add anonymous types in anonymous types support.
  • Add anonymous structures names support.
  • Added chained anonymous fields recognition.
  • Add proper generics propagation for anonymous structures, typedefs and classes.
  • Add generic constraint support.
  • Add Null<T> support.
  • Add proper from-to declaration support, types infer and compatibility checks.
  • Fix referenced var-init support check.
  • Automatically change references when moving a class across packages.
  • Add super() call when generating override methods.
  • Generate module and automatically set up SDK, libraries, and run configurations on "Import project from sources."
  • Create "Hello World" example as initial content for new projects.
  • Auto-open Main.hx when creating a new module.

1.0.2 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Performance hot-fix for projects that have multiple source roots. (Issue #799)

1.0.1 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Updated change notes for 1.0.0 (enumerated several important import changes).
  • Add Haxe Sdk setup validation.
  • Use SDK classpath as well as sourcepath to find the standard library. (Issue #774)
  • Better error handling when haxelibs are installed incorrectly. (Issue #780)
  • 2017.3 and 2018.1 builds. (Issues #719, #789)
  • Workaround debugger crash. (Issue #792)
  • Fix typo in haxelib metadata parser, which was keeping library sub-tree source directories from being found.

1.0.0 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Import of static fields/methods.
  • Imports alias hinting support.
  • Proper wildcard import resolution.
  • Import optimizer now works properly.
  • Proper module scoping for resolving.
  • Add $trace to the list of built-ins to recognize.
  • Semantic Annotation: Infer missing function types from code blocks.
  • Semantic Annotation: Support arrow functions.
  • Semantic Annotation: Add local variable type checking.
  • Properly detect function types when used in type parameters (generics).
  • Fix Flash "Run" target to launch the file that the compile process creates.
  • Non-OpenFL projects now use a better algorithm to determine output directories and files.
  • Add source directories to classpath during compiler completions. (More completions, fewer errors.)
  • Use non-haxe-logo version of icons when completions are not provided by the compiler.
  • Compatibility fix for non-IDEA products: stop logging to stderr! (Issue #724)
  • Improved Enum parsing; added generalized algebraic data types support.
  • Add true Map literal support. (No longer parsed as Array.)
  • Added visibility detection rules (e.g. @NoCompletion) regarding language docs.
  • Fixes to error message parsing (no longer account info messages to JetBrains installation directory).
  • Split 'lime test' into 'lime update; lime build' and 'lime run', for Make and Run/Debug tasks.
  • Add folding support:
    • For documentation comments (/** */).
    • For comment regions. (// region Name ... // end region) (Issue #529)
    • Braces for classes, methods, etc.
    • For imports and usings.
    • For compiler conditionals (#if, etc.)
  • Fixed a number of NPEs in the ProjectUpdater.
  • Add enums from the current file completion suggestion lists.
  • Fixed the resolution order for imports vs. package. (Issue #741)
  • Fixed inability to resolve enum parameter symbols at case statement. (Issue #351)
  • Dropped support for IDEA versions 14 and 15.
  • Internal: Began refactoring the resolver. New models are introduced.
  • Changed "static variable override" to a weak warning, instead of a regular warning.
  • Allow @:meta without parens.
  • Properly parse variable declarations in return statements. (Issue #329)
  • Fixed parsing of 'throw' statements within a ternary expression. (Issue #704)
  • Allow all string literal forms as field identifiers in structures. (Issue #662)

0.11.2: (Haxe Foundation Release)

  • Parsing fixes:
    • Expressions inside of type parameters.
    • Make sequential operators cause syntax errors.
    • Allow anonymous local function declarations.
    • External function declarations with simple bodies getting 'Unexpected semicolon' messages.
    • Custom meta-data with empty parenthesis.
    • Named nested (local) function declarations.
    • Prototype functions in abstract .types.
    • Allow @arrayAccess
    • Array access where the name is parenthesized.
    • Allow @final on property declarations.
    • Allow and recover from variable declarations that don't require a semicolon (e.g. preceded by a block).
    • Allow trailing comma inside of an object literal.
    • Allow trailing comma at the end of an array literal.
    • Block statements when used as an initializer.
  • Fix NPE when haxelib.json was missing from a library.
  • Fix an exception when the Haxe SDK is set up incorrectly.
  • Added Adobe AIR target
  • Refactor haxelib library dependency detection and project update.
  • For FindUsages, ask whether to search for base class/interface usages.
  • Fix bug with environment variables not being passed through to forked processes in some cases. (Issue #659)
  • Add haxelib and neko directories to (the start of) the Path before forking a process.
  • Better tracking of settings changes.
  • Better parsing of HXML/lime (or "haxelib run lime") output.
  • Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when checking for static extensions and static member methods have no parameters. (Issue #652)
  • Better parser recovery for "extends" and "implements" statements. (Issue #137)
  • Fixed identifier resolving for dot-references defined in &quottype params." (Issue#674)
  • Fixed parameter count resolution for anonymous functions. (Partially closes issue #521.)
  • Add neko and haxelib directories to the PATH/Path environment variable when running plugin commands (affects lime, etc.).
  • Better cache coherency for completions.
  • Improved hxml parsing.
  • Added mechanism to track project and module settings changes.
  • Improve locating files when traversing the stack frames during debugging.

0.11.1: (community release)

  • Check for and halt type resolution when a cyclical/recursive definition is found.
  • Address some freezes by delaying use of indices until indexing is complete.
  • Speed haxelib syncing (and stop unnecessary re-indexing). (Regression)
  • Fix freezes by fixing some multi-threading issues and other exceptions being thrown.
  • Speed up parsing of arrow functions.
  • Add Haxe-specific double-click selection logic for strings and comments. (Issue #212)
  • Reroute debugging informational errors to the status bar instead of modal dialogs.
  • Fix compilation halting on "- Link" informational messages.
  • Add neko and haxelib directories to the path when building projects (for all platforms; used to be OSX-only).
  • Fix multi-platform build issues (for the plugin, particularly affects Windows builds).

0.11.0: (community release)

  • Support IDEA 2017.1
  • Add parsing support for "Arrow Functions."
  • Better recovery of parsing errors in function parameter lists.
  • Fixed exceptions occurring when adding libraries, so auto-adding will work again.
  • Delay using project indexes until scanning is complete.
  • Proper resolution of constructors ('new').
  • Display parameter tip text when creating new object instantiations.
  • Better parsing of shift-and-assign operators.
  • Now correctly resolves variables declared in 'for' statements when the iterated type is parameterized. (Issue #528)
  • Resolve chained classes with type parameters (generics).
  • Correct completion with EitherType<>. (Issue#512).
  • Parse @:const type parameters without error. Also allow constants as type parameters.
  • Added navigation to getter/setter methods from property accessors.
  • Annotate strings with incorrect quotes and add quick-fix intention to convert them.
  • Note optional arguments with a ? when displaying methods.
  • Improved method signature check.
  • Added searching of implementation declared by superclasses.
  • Properly parse and evaluate compiler conditionals (#if...#else...#end)
  • Resolve array access with types other than "Array."
  • Better 'Main class' chooser for the 'Project Settings->Haxe Compiler' dialog.
  • Fix property getter/setter quick-fixes.
  • Add location data, if known, to compiler completion error messages.
  • Display available completions even when the compiler reports an error.
  • Fixed incomplete results from a compiler run.
  • Better logic for removing duplicate entries from completion lists.
  • Better code completion using the compiler -- OFF BY DEFAULT! Turn on in File->Project Structure...
  • Fix parsing of all compiler conditionals. (#417, #121, partly #115, and others)
  • Fix parsing of one-liner conditional compilation style (issue #417, #121, partly #115)
  • Support for `@:require` haxe_ver comparing (issue #418)
  • Support for `@:require` and `@:jsRequire` with multiple arguments
  • Better handling of closing parens, brackets, quotes. (Issues #545, 546)
  • Fix parsing when an anonymous function call is defined and immediately executed. (Issue #544)
  • Fix library name parsing issues for haxelibs using non-standard paths.
  • Resolve URLs properly when adding haxelibs.
  • Updated Haxe logo bitmaps. (community release)

  • Update compatibility for 2016.3.2
  • Update documentation to refer to HaxeFoundation instead of TiVo.
  • 0.10.1: (community release)

    • Use Java's file library for detecting symlinks instead of IDEA's.
    • Formatting: Prevent excess linefeed between doctyp and function.
    • Fix completion for for loop variables. (issue #511)
    • Support for IDEA up through 2016.3.
    • Updated parsing for hxcpp 3.3 compiler error output.
    • Add support for type check syntax (expr : type). (issue #510)
    • Fixed cursor not indented in class body after var or function declaration. (issue #492, case 1)
    • Highlight "in" and "as" as keywords when they appear in import statements.
    • Highlight "in" as a keyword when it appears in a for statement. (issue #501)
    • Add support for string literals as the keys in structures. (issue #498)
    • Support @:native annotation for functions and variables. (issue #490)
    • Stop using the classpath to auto-add external libraries to projects. (issues #477 #100)
    • Fix re-ordering imports in certain situations. (issue #494)
    • Fix 'never' setter. (issue #486)
    • Change class paths for external libraries on OSX.
    • Fixed creating classes in TEST source roots
    • Fixed debug Flash on Haxe-compiler target
    • Fixed crash on MACRO_CLASS_LIST assert
    • @:deprecated support (issue #459, #473)
    • Alias imports support (issue #466)
    • Imports optimization: reordering added (issue #471)
    • Fixed typedef multiple extensions highlighting

    0.9.10: (community release)

    • Better packages resolving
    • Fix catch parameter declaration (issue #419)
    • Fix inherited type in field initializer (issue #412)
    • Delete single-class file in one operation from Project View (issue #424)
    • Fix interface properties accessor check annotation (issue #411)
    • Error highlighting added for variable redefinition (issue #431)
    • Fix generic sub-type resolving when import just type-module (issue #435)
    • Extensions: using variants and resolving for children and implementations of base class or interface added (issue #433)
    • Fix typedef generic params resolving (issue #304)
    • General "@:enum abstract" support (issues #427, #428, #429)
    • Fix import / using statements class name completion (issue #286)
    • Incorrect “public” modifier when override methods fixed (issue #439)
    • Incorrect field access modifier after action generate set/get methods. Can't use action generate set/get methods for static fields. (TiVo Issue #442)
    • Fix use scope for var declarations (issue #235)
    • Find usages import filtering (issue #426)
    • Completion for word `super`: handle `super` word like `this` word (issue #87)
    • Fix forwarding abstract fields completion and resolving. (issue #447, #108)
    • Navigate to symbols (issue #340)
    • Fix incorrect error annotation in extended class for static fields and methods with same names like in base class. (issue #449)
    • Fix method local variables and arguments completion. (issue #455)

    0.9.9: (community release)

    • IDEA v15 compatibility. (IDEA 13 compatiblity removed.)
    • v15 Project Structure and Module settings dialogs work. (TiVo Issue #380)
    • HXML: Fix `Editor/Colors & Fonts/HXML` tab (name & preview)
    • HXML: highlighting for included `.hxml` file
    • Fix unhandled exceptions while parsing numeric constants
    • Fix typedef types not resolved variants for completion list
    • Fix error annotation when implements `extern interface`
    • Fix extending anonymous types. (TiVo Issue #353)
    • Error annotation if type extends itself. (TiVo Issue #377)
    • Fix qualified name resolving for ancillary types declaration (multiple types inside .hx file)
    • Fix resolving variables having names identical to type names except for case. (TiVo Issues #405, #234)
    • Fix incorrect package resolution. (TiVo Issues #95, #176)
    • Fix base fields resolving for extended anonymous types (TiVo Issue #408)
    • Prevent recursion due to extending self for classes and typedefs.
    • Using file with multiple helper classes typedefs (for example `haxe.macro.Tools`) (TiVo Issue #128)
    • Allow short assignment syntax for generics. (TiVo Issue #388)
    • Fixed expected package name to no longer reference the system root. (TiVo Issue #387)
    • Save and restore OpenFL arguments on the Haxe Module settings dialog. (TiVo Issue #74)
    • Fixed repainting issue for OpenFL dialog when selecting compiler types. (TiVo Issue #44)
    • Fixed error parsing for Windows platforms.

    0.9.8: (community release)

    • Version 14.1.5 and 14.1.6 compatibility.
    • Fix up some expressions to ignore non-error messages.
    • Fix comment alignment for single-line comments.(Issue #295)

    0.9.7: (community release)

    • Fix the watch pane when debugging: typing and completion now work.
    • Load files using canonical names so that sym-linked files use the same buffer as the original file.
    • Use full package name when determining file to open when debugging.
    • Attempt to follow the classpath to determine which file to open when multiple files have the same package names.
    • Use implicit classpath entries during classpath operations. (e.g. haxe/std)
    • Remove "statics of XXX" from the debugger variable window pane. (The Haxe debugger at http://github.com/tivo/hxcpp-debugger has been updated to show statics as part of the object tree for objects in view.
    • Remove error embellishments before displaying errors in the debugger variable pane.

    0.9.6: (community release)

    • Fix debugger trying to populate all variables when stopped at a breakpoint.
    • Suppress display of back-end generated intermediate variables when debugging.
    • Fix NPE when editing files outside of a project.

    0.9.5: (community release)

    • Add new typing support for type checking and completion. (Thanks to Carlos Ballesteros!) (Issues #288,#291,#308,#317)
    • Support static extensions in completion. (Again, Thanks, Carlos!)
    • Fix debugger getting stuck "collecting data" for some variables (particularly, "this"). (Issue #325)
    • Better compiler error highlighting. (Issue #180 redux.)
    • Fix Cut/Copy/Paste buffer inconsistencies (Issue #196)
    • Add generics support. (First level only, chained sequences remain incomplete.)
    • Allow object literals as return statements. (Issue #278)
    • Fix NPE during annotation, causing annotation to stop. (Issue #316)

    0.9.4: (community release)

    • Fix compile error highlighting in the output pane and jumping to source location when an error is clicked upon (Issues #129, #160, #180).
    • Fix debugger execution under IDEA 14 and 14.1.
    • Fix move package
    • Fix MoveFile showing "unimplemented" message. (Issues #222, #88)
    • Fix copy/paste clipboard functionality.
    • Show completion for all static members (Issue #262).
    • All unit tests enabled and passing for IDEA versions 13.1, 14.0, and 14.1.1.
    • Fix rename not updating all usages (Issue #222)
    • Fix parameter info tool tips and code tips.
    • Command line ant builds (of the plugin) for automated testing.
    • Fix parsing 'new' in ternary expressions (Issue #229).
    • Better handling of comments.
    • Fix member visibility scoping issues with extern and private keywords.
    • Stop generating 'public' and 'private' modifiers when generating getter/setters.
    • Stop treating interfaces and extern class declarations identically.
    • Disallow multiple variables being declared in one statement for class fields.
    • Print compiler commands to the message pane along with command output.
    • Fix hang when using the OpenFL compiler for variable and method completion.
    • Use correct completion contributor for OpenFL project configurations.
    • Fix parsing failures for certain cases of "@meta" and "@:pos" (Issue #81).
    • Fix unresolved type error if using full class path without importing the class (Issue #39).
    • Resolve extern enum values via qualified name.
    • Resolve classes within the same package but defined in a different module (Issue #168).
    • Hopefully fix compiler based auto-complete performance problems (Issue #230).
    • Fix Plugin wrongly accepting comma separated fields that the compiler wont (Issue #83).
    • Fix rare ClassCastException when re-opening projects.
    • Fix NotNullExceptions when getting field types for dynamic fields.

    0.9.3: (community release)

    • Fix local variable name suggestions to not clash with existing class fields.
    • Fix Introduce Variable refactoring to find all occurrences of the selected expression.
    • No longer block Java (and other) tests from running when Haxe plugin is installed. (Issue #166)
    • Resolve static function imports for import with in keyword. ("import String.fromCharCode in f;") (Issue #191)
    • Give extern fields public visibility: 'function a()' will be treated as 'public function a()' and will appear in completions.
    • Fix (un)comment multiple lines of code feature. (Issue #209)
    • Support 'as' keyword in import statements.
    • Implemented Refactoring: Pull Members Up/Push Members Down
    • Support extern interfaces. (Issue #202)
    • Fix visibility determination for methods. (Better completions)
    • Check for duplicate imports when copy/pasting.
    • Fix resolving classes that appear inside of an import file with a different name than the class itself. Fixes goto declaration as well.
    • Fix colorizing identifiers (variable names) in code.
    • Fix Issue 162: "call(new x(), new x());" parse failure.
    • (Re)Allow "new" for extern and prototype function declarations.
    • Fixed IDEA freeze when XML is edited
    • Implemented Refactoring: Extract Superclass
    • Implemented Refactoring: Extract Interface
    • Implemented Refactoring: Push Members Down
    • Fixed OutOfBoundsException when resolving names.
    • Fix most unit tests.

    0.9.2: (community release, IDEA 14 only)

    • Fixed: HaxeReferenceCopyPasteProcessor issue preventing from using copy paste clipboard functionality

    0.9: (community release)

    • Release ID change only (community version, TiVo Release 4)

    • Class Hierarchy view panels implemented. (Menu->Navigate->Type Hierarchy, et al)
    • Better handling of import files.
    • Better handling of Haxe language parsing, including many Haxe 3 features.
    • Automatic detection and use of installed haxe libraries (using the 'haxelib' command).
    • Better completion (Ctrl-space) using the Haxe compiler -- OpenFL projects only.
    • Refactorings:
      • Pull up members from class to super-class
      • Pull up members from class to interface
      • Split into declaration and assignment
      • Optimize imports
    • The following sub-releases are included:

      • (community version, TiVo RC5)

        • Refactoring: Pull up members from class to super-class
        • Refactoring: Pull up members from class to interface
        • Launch Haxe/Neko tests (Patch #131)
      • (community version, TiVo RC4)

        • Fixed issue 37 (Parser doesn't recover after new A)
        • Fixed issue 95 (Local and class variable names resolving to similar package names)
        • Fixed issue 132 (incorrect processing of duplicate imports)
        • Fixed issue 134 (incorrect reformat of object and array children)
        • Fixed reference resolution for expressions in parenthesis - otherwise, code assist does not work for those.
        • Fixed: launching test with neko, overriding haxe build parameters for test run configuration, filtering test result output, compilation path of non test build, line number for ErrorFilter; and removed hard-coded path for ErrorFilter
      • (community version, TiVo RC3)

        • Fixed NPE causing the structure view to not populate, resulting from an errant merge.
      • (community version, TiVo RC2)

        • Resolve 'convenience' imports that do not export a class named similarly to the file. (TiVo Issue #55)
        • Update unbalanced preprocessor token highlighting and detection.
        • Improve indentation of comments and preprocessor macros.
        • Update for Grammar-Kit
        • Fixed syntax rules (BNF) for constructors and external functions.
        • Fixed syntax rules (BNF) for code blocks; removed them from being valid syntax everywhere an expression can appear.
        • Fixed syntax rules (BNF) to allow meta tags on typedefs.
      • (community version, TiVo RC1+Fixes)

        • Auto-indent when adding curly brackets now works correctly. Fixes github tivo/intellij-haxe Issue #119. (Thanks, Jérémy!)
        • Fix IDE hang on completion for Haxe compiler completions.
        • Fix auto-adding new import statements above package declaration and/or comments.
        • Fix NPE when manually adding new import statements.
        • Put debugging dialogs on the UI thread.
        • Fix ArrayOutOfBounds exception when initializing haxelib cache.
      • (community version, TiVo RC1)

        • Fix NPE when colorizing.
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • Added timeout to long-running call hierarchy searches.
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • Fixed Haxe command-line debugger integration for OpenFL projects that are targetting C++ native runtime environments.
        • Fixed method hierarchy runtime exceptions, and auto-scrolling to source.
        • Fixed type hierarchy auto-scrolling to source.
        • Enhanced run & debug output to be color-coded for improved readability.
        • Fixed find-usages regression.
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • More load-time optimizations using new 'haxelib list-path' command.
        • Add package and file names to Type hierarchy window. (File names only display if the file name differs from the type name.)
        • Fixed supertypes list in the combo view of the Type hierarchy window.
        • Allow block statements everywhere.
        • Allow array literals to have additional comma [1,]
        • Moving a file from one package to another no longer displays "Unimplemented" and now moves the file, however references are not yet updated. Issue #88 -- still unresolved.
        • Updated unit tests. Issues: #71, #68.
        • Fix formatting for ">=", which is used be to reformatted to "> =". Issue
        • Fix logic for HaxeIfSurrounder.java /testIf test case/
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • Repaired resolving references to classes and variables.
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • Further optimized load time for large projects.
        • Run haxelib->Project/SDK/Module library dependency synchronization in the background.
        • HXML completion: add parameters for compiler argument to presentable text of completion item
        • Completion from Haxe compiler: parse function parameters and return type to generate completion item with parameters and return type
        • Completion from Haxe compiler: format data from compiler replace "<" to "<" and ">" to ">"
        • HaxeReferenceImpl.java getVariants(completion): Handle case when "var d:Array = []; d.|" when d is not resolved
        • Add description to completion recived from Haxe compiler: HaxeMetaTagsCompletionContributor.java HXMLDefineCompletionContributor.java HXMLCompilerArgumentsCompletionContributor.java
        • Preliminary Haxe compiler completion support (OpenFL only)
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • Decreased time to load large projects considerably. Note that project loading is still on the UI thread, so it may appear to lock up for a short period of time. For very large projects, 90 seconds is not out of the ordinary.
        • HXML completion: Provide available libraries list
        • HXML completion: show installed haxelibs(also installed libs removed from available haxelibs list)
        • Fix meta tag parsing issues
        • HaxeMetaTagsCompletionContributor provides completion for meta tags
        • Project Xml(NME, OpenFL project project) completion: show available and installed haxelibs
        • SplitIntoDeclarationAndAssignment intention action
      • (community version, TiVo WIP)

        • Merged with version from the TiVo/master branch.
        • Class Hierarchy partial implementation.
        • SuperTypes work. Sub-types work within the same module.
        • All recent changes from github.com/Jetbrains/intellij-haxe/master
        • Support typedef optional parameters
        • Support optional function types
        • Eat compile-time conditional statements only (prevent eating conditional body as it was before)
        • Fix multiple metas issue on class
        • Highlight compile-time conditional statements if they don't have matching closing statements
        • Remove "from" and "to" from keywords, instead highlight them only if they used in abstract declaration
        • Prevent suggesting imports for using statements
        • Resolve references that have full path to type/field
        • Support function types, anonymous types as abstract type
        • Automatically add and remove dependencies when project gets opened
        • Remove ">=" and ">>=" tokens from lexer, instead parse ('>' '=') to avoid issues(https://github.com/TiVo/intellij-haxe/issues/42)
        • Support "inline" declaration attribute on local functions
        • Suggest to import class on code paste
        • Support macro expressions(including ECheckType)
        • Lots more... TODO: Get a complete list of updates. (TiVo version)

    • openFL path can now be retrieved from an .iml file (community version)

    • "Find usages in project" fixed.
    • Allowed @:final on methods and fields.
    • Re-implemented hxcpp debugger support to work with Haxe v3 built-in debugger

    0.8.1: (community version)

    • Remove com.intellij.modules.java from dependencies list to make plugin work in PHPStorm(and other IntelliJ IDEA platform-based IDEs)

    0.8: (community version)

    • Migration to new IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 API
    • HXML syntax highlighting
    • HXML completion
    • Parser support for different types of imports
    • Parser support for @:jsRequire and more parser fixes

    0.7.2: (community version)

    • New version number
    • basic hxml support
    • @:jsRequire meta support
    • Haxe grammar: @:jsRequire and macro support
    • templates naming fix ("create new class/enum/interface" issue)
    • new/get/set/never keywords, get/set identifiers are valid, jar build


    • Bug fixes for 13.1.1


    • Bug fixes


    • Neko target for OpenFL
    • Bug fixes


    • OpenFL support


    • Optimize imports


    • Parser improvements


    • Bug fixes


    • Haxe 3 support


    • Folding


    • Bug fixes


    • NME support improvements
    • HXCPP debugger improvements


    • Bug fixes


    • New Compiler Mode


    • Bug fixes


    • Bug fixes


    • HXCPP Debugging
    • Bug fixes


    • Introduce Variable Refactoring
    • Using Completion
    • Bug fixes


    • Conditional Compilation Support
    • Bug fixes


    • Live Templates
    • Surround With Action
    • Smart completion
    • Goto Test Action


    • Bug fixes
    • EReg support


    • Bug fixes
    • Structure view


    • Bug fixes
    • Unresolved type inspection


    • NME Support
    • Override/Implement method action
    • Generate getter/setter action
    • Parameter info action


    • Type resolving improvements
    • Goto Implementation(s) action
    • Goto Super Method action
    • Move refactoring


    • Completion fixes


    • Type resolving improvements
    • Rename refactoring
    • NMML scheme
    • HXML support


    • Type resolving improvements
    • Documentation support
    • New color settings


    • Jump to declaration of local, std symbol or class
    • Reference completion
    • Class completion
    • Color settings
    • Code formatter
    • Go to Class
    • Icons for Haxe files
    • Search for usages
    • Highlight symbol occurencies
    • Debugger for Flash target ("Flash/Flex Support" plugin required)


    • Haxe module and SDK
    • Parsing Haxe files
    • Keyword completion
    • Compile Haxe files and run in Neko VM

    General usage instructions

    Installation instructions are available at http://intellij-haxe.org/wiki/installation. Please report issues at our bug tracker https://github.com/HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe/issues.