SBT ChangeListAction

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Dec 27, 2012
18 759

Provides the ability to define custom actions that you can invoke on any VCS changelist in order to execute operating system commands against the changelist content.

There's documentation available at the homepage.

Note that this plugin is not related to Scala or SBT, it's intended to be used with any batch file or shell script on the OS.

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Recent change notes


  • Recompiled with IDEA 12.0.1.


  • re-wrote IdeaDialogWrapper in Java to workaround packaging problem with Groovy, seems to have something to do with groovy subclasses of java classes with inner classes)
  • disable copy button when first display project configurator with empty command list
  • getRelativePaths() and getRelativePathsFile() added to the to the options binding to allow more betterer access to content roots by name (remember content roots and modules are different, one module can have many content roots)


  • changed email address because of spam (I think they're scraping the bit-butcket source code, not the JetBrains site)
  • back-dated plugin version compatibility to 11.0
  • added a simple way to access content roots by name instead of by index - "contentRootsByName"
  • added a copy button to the project configurator to allow duplicating commands
  • added a confirmation popup to the remove button on the project configurator
  • added a tooltip to the preview button on the command configurator
  • made the options field row in the command configurator fill empty space when re-sizing the dialog


  • recompiled with IDEA 11.1.2


  • initial version published