Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jul 20, 2004
Non-VCS-API based Perforce plugin.
Important notes and documentation below
First, the important notes:
  • since the Refactoring Preview context menu is not available for adding new actions, there are no Perforce actions in that menu. However, Perforce is still active in that context and, if you need for example to checkout read-only files that are affected by your refactoring, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts or go to the Perforce menu and execute the action (e.g. Edit). Note, that you can be positioned on any node of the preview tree (not just a file) and the action will execute for all files under the selected node.
  • Don't look for the 'Submit' action. There is none, so far. This plugin tries to solve the refactoring related issues with perforce as VCS. For submit, changelist management and other functionality, you can still use your perforce GUI client. When we add more GUI functionality to this plugin, you will also see submit actions among many other features planned.

This plugin automates several areas:

  • refactoring (move, rename, etc.)
  • file management (create, delete, copy etc.) - automatic actions
  • all in advanced way - if the file is in state unexpected by P4 but natural for user, it does what user would have to do (e.g. double rename of a file, or just a sync of a checked out file)
  • few explicit perforce actions (e.g. revisions list, status, etc.)

Eventually, here will be all P4DP documentation. But the notes above were more important.
For the current documentation, you can go to the plugin's website.

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Recent change notes

Pallada-only build
Rebuilt for Pallada (same as older versions, just the Revision Diff fixed for changed API)