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Mar 16, 2019
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Support for Angular and AngularJS projects.

Getting started

  • Open your Angular or AngularJS project.
  • Make sure that you have AngularJS or Angular library files in your project (for example, in the node_modules folder) – this is required for the IDE to enable Angular support for this project.
  • Now, you will get Angular-specific code completion, navigation, and many other features.


  • Code completion for Angular or AngularJS APIs in JavaScript or TypeScript files
  • Completion for components, built-in and custom directives, and methods in templates
  • Navigation from the component, custom directives and event handlers to their definition
  • Collection of code snippets for Angular and AngularJS
  • Create new projects from the IDE Welcome screen using Angular CLI or built-in template for AngularJS
  • Generate new app elements using Angular CLI
  • For AngularJS apps that use ui-router, see state diagram

Here you can find more information on using Angular and AngularJS in the IDE.

Please report any issues on the tracker.