PlantUML integration

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Oct 12, 2018
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PlantUML diagramming tool integration

Recent change notes


  • PlantUml library upgrade to v1.2018.11
  • Fixed diagram saving


  • PlantUml library upgrade to v1.2018.9


  • PlantUml library upgrade to v1.2018.1


  • PlantUml library upgrade to v1.2017.15
  • Exception fixes


  • PlantUml library upgrade to v1.2017.12


  • Fixed opening in an external editor for multiple-page diagrams
  • Fixed edge cases for Copy and Save diagram actions


  • NPE fix for AndroidStudio
  • PlantUml library upgrade to v2017.08
  • Added support for *.plantuml file extension


  • Disabled asserts in PlantUml - they were causing slow rendering
  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8053


  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8051
  • Changed default shortcuts to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F and G
  • NPE fix


  • Fixed ASCII image rendering and typos


  • Path to Graphviz dot executable was ignored
  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8043
  • Added a low memory watcher for cache clearing


  • Toggle button for disabling automatic rendering
  • When auto-rendering is disabled, update and reload button will be red
  • ALT+D shortcut for diagram update
  • ALT+F shortcut for diagram reload
  • Page titles fixed for partial rendering
  • Usage manual
  • About dialog reworked
  • IJ 12 compatibility fix


  • Scrolling fixed for 2016.2
  • Remembering selected page per file
  • New right click action: Generate PlantUML Server link to clipboard
  • Page titles in the dropdown page selector


  • PlantUml library upgrade to 8042
  • Images can be copied to clipboard as ASCII Art
  • Fixed: @startditaa` not recognized
  • Added a configurable delay between key up event and rendering run
  • Disabled URL links rendering by default - doubles rendering time
  • A lot of caching and optimizations
  • Added incremental rendering - only changed pages will be rendered
  • Added partial rendering mode - useful in large files - the document will be splitted by (@)newpage and each piece will be rendered by itself.
  • Added intentions to disable syntax check, and enable partial rendering - available on the start tag (@startuml,...)

General usage instructions

  • PlantUML tool window will render any PlantUML source code under caret in currently selected editor
  • supports multiple sources per file
  • supports diagram zoom
  • highlights PlantUml syntax errors (experimental)
  • Can copy diagram to clipboard or save as PNG, EPS or SVG
To be able to generate many diagram types, you must have Graphviz ( software installed on your machine