NEON support

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Jun 03, 2016
32 822
Nette Object Notation -

Recent change notes

  • Lexer: fixed EAP compatibility
  • Multiline string support
  • Better keyword completion
  • Class completion for a incomplete key
  • Show duplicate key error
  • Better error for a bad indent
  • Parser: some fixes
  • Parser: fixed blank line at a file beginning
  • Added structure view
  • Parser, lexer: many fixes and features
  • Completion: suggest interfaces
  • Completion: better class and namespace completion
  • Completion: improved keyword completion, added Nette 2.3 keywords
  • Added GoToClassHandler
  • Added NeonEnterHandler

General usage instructions

NEON (Nette Object Notation; is a custom configuration language similar to YAML. It tastes the best with Nette Framework.