Compatible with RubyMine
Jan 29, 2019
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Railways is a plugin for RubyMine that makes navigation between route actions much quicker.
  • Displays routes of Ruby On Rails application/engine in a separate "Routes" panel
  • Adds quick navigation to action implementation from "Routes" panel or "Go to route action" popup available in code editor (invoked by **Ctrl + Shift + G**)
  • Provides quick routes filtering by route path, controller/action or route name
If you want to use Railways in IntelliJ IDEA, please use 'Railways for IDEA' plugin version.
Please feel free to report a bug or a suggestion on GitHub plugin page or via e-mail provided on the plugin page.

Download plugin

Recent change notes


  • Add support of IDE version 2019.1


  • Enhance route parsing: allow route path starting with '('


  • Add support of IDE version 2018.3.1 (version 2018.3 is not supported due to issue in RubyMine)
  • Update rake routes parser to avoid capturing warnings in output


  • Add support of IDE version 2018.2


  • Add support of IDE version 2018.1


  • Add ability to filter routes using wildcard (*)


  • Add support of IDE version 2017.3 (@hurricup)


  • Fix plugin crash in RubyMine 2017.1


  • Add plugin compatibility with RubyMine 2016.2 and (liekly) with following releases of Ruby plugin for IDEA


  • Fix compatibility with previous version of IDEA and RubyMine


  • Add ability to copy route path with http method
  • Add ability to copy data from multiple selected rows
  • Make right-click behavior more intuitive for the routes table


  • Optimize performance of route action availability check.
  • Add option to disable live check of route action implementation.
  • Fix NPE when non-rails project is opened.


  • New feature - autorefresh route list when routes.rb is changed (enable it in the plugin settings)
  • Add toggle button to hide routes from mounted engines.
  • Minor UI fixes.


  • Highlight route action in list depending on its availability.
  • Add setting to specify Rails environment for which routes are collected.
  • Parse redirect routes.
  • Fix parsing - routes with unknown action format weren't added to list.

Full list of changes can be found here.

General usage instructions

Click Refresh button to update routes list.
Double click any route to open its action in the code editor.