Compatible with RubyMine
Nov 10, 2017
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Railways is a plugin for RubyMine that makes navigation between route actions much quicker.
  • Displays routes of Ruby On Rails application/engine in a separate "Routes" panel
  • Adds quick navigation to action implementation from "Routes" panel or "Go to route action" popup available in code editor (invoked by **Ctrl + Shift + G**)
  • Provides quick routes filtering by route path, controller/action or route name
If you want to use Railways in IntelliJ IDEA, please use 'Railways for IDEA' plugin version.
Please feel free to report a bug or a suggestion on GitHub plugin page or via e-mail provided on the plugin page.

Download plugin

Recent change notes

Added support for IDE version 2017.3

General usage instructions

Click Refresh button to update routes list.

Double click any route to open its action in the code editor.