Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
Dec 25, 2015
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Plugin that generates java docs on java class elements, like field, method, etc.

Recent change notes

Changes in intellij-javadoc-2.1.2
  • Update freemarker version to most recent
Changes in intellij-javadoc-2.1.1
  • Update supports intellij-idea versions (supports only 14.x versions)
Changes in intellij-javadoc-2.1.0
  • Fix issue related to File Locked Exception
  • Fix issue on update 'throws' tags
  • Fix issue on generate @see and @link tags
  • Fix issue on load custom template configuration
  • Improve field templates to generate correct javadoc for constants in interfaces
  • Improve field templates to generate correct javadoc for constants in enums
  • Add fieldName variable to templates
  • Add notification messages during indexing process
  • Change template engine to freemarker
Changes in intellij-javadoc-2.0.0
  • Update support build versions (supported intellij idea build versions 132.102+)
  • Fix issue related to File Locked Exception
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.11
  • Add actions to Remove javadocs on selected element or on the java file
  • Add actions to Create/Remove javadocs on a project/package/selected files
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.10
  • Fix critical issue on generate javadocs in interfaces
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.9
  • Change key mappings, since previous are reserved by intellij idea 13.
    Details about new mapping please find on wiki page
  • Fix bug to show menu only in generate menu of java sources
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.8
  • Persist javadocs settings on a global level
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.7
  • Fixed issue with line breaks on javadocs for enum values.
  • Fixed exception on try to generate javadoc on last line of class.
  • Add generic types support
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.6
  • Fixed issue with generating javadocs formatted as single line.
  • Add feature of generating javadocs for the elements in selected area.
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.5
  • Introduce new setting that allows to check whether you want to generate splitted class name or not
  • Bug fixing
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.4
  • Fixed logging issue on different environment
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.3
  • Improve regular expressions to better methods recognition
  • Improve the way how old javadoc and new one are merged in update mode
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.2
  • Recompile plugin with java 1.6 support
Changes in intellij-javadoc-1.0.1
  • Initial implementation of "JavaDoc" plugin

General usage instructions

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