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Aug 21, 2014
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Dust Template Support

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Recent change notes

Version 0.3.8
  • Allow hyphen inside of identifiers
Version 0.3.7
  • Use system dependent file separator when resolving partials
  • Fixed parsing errors with single period path expressions
  • Allow multiple colon tags
Version 0.3.6
  • Allow path expression inside subscript
  • Fix bugs in subscript tokenizer rule
Version 0.3.5
  • Allow self-closing section tags in grammar
Version 0.3.4
  • Fixed bug with parsing numeric key tag
Version 0.3.3
  • Fixed bug with using current context and numbers as attribute values
Version 0.3.2
  • Fixed bug in comment parsing
Version 0.3.1
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Intellij 11 and set it as the minimum supported version
  • Fixed bugs in left curly brace and identifier token patterns in lexer
Version 0.3
  • Added closing tag auto-completion
  • Added dust partial tag goto reference shortcut "Ctrl+b"
  • Fix parsing error on self closing block tags
  • Fix brace matcher bug when key tags are used in attribute strings
  • Remove redundant HTML pattern rules in Dust lexer
Version 0.2
  • Added Dust brace match highlighting
  • Added "Ctrl+/" shortcut for Dust comments
  • Fix syntax highlighting for subscript operator in tags (e.g. {#section[0]}...{/section[0]})
  • Added TODO highlighting in comments
Version 0.1.2
  • Fix syntax highlighting when javascript is present in template
Version 0.1.1
  • Enable plugin for all JetBrain products
Version 0.1
  • Provides syntax highlighting for Dust templates