Back Symfony Support 0.11.110

Dependencies defined in plugin.xml

  • com.intellij.modules.platform
  • com.jetbrains.php (PHP)
  • com.jetbrains.twig (Twig Support)
  • org.jetbrains.plugins.yaml

Supported products

List of supported products was determined by dependencies defined in the plugin.xml.

Product name Compatible versions
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 14.0+
PhpStorm 8.0+

Unsupported products

Product name Incompatible dependencies
WebStorm com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
RubyMine com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
AppCode com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
CLion com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
GoLand com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
DataGrip com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
Rider com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
MPS com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig, org.jetbrains.plugins.yaml
Android Studio com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
IntelliJ IDEA Community com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
IntelliJ IDEA Educational com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
PyCharm Professional com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
PyCharm Community com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig
PyCharm Educational com.jetbrains.php, com.jetbrains.twig, org.jetbrains.plugins.yaml


0.12.x: PhpStorm 11 (upcoming)
0.11.x: PhpStorm 8, 9, 10
0.10.x: PhpStorm 7 (no support)
0.9.x: PhpStorm 6 (no support)

  • Add controller provider for PHP Toolbox
  • Add description to PhpTyes @var syntax and allow multiline doc comments #439
  • Add @see doc tag support for twig. supports: relative files, controller names, twig files, classes and methods syntax #439
  • Add Symfony 3 controller getParameter shortcut support; migrate container getParameter registrar for supporting all proxy methods and navigation #680
  • Create template for controller action on annotation should prioritize html files #681
  • Migrate template create annotator to twig namespaces handling to not only support bundle files
  • Add twig namespace extension point and provide json file for twig namespace configuration "ide-twig.json" see "Twig Settings" for example
  • Fix autocomplete route name in php and twig not working since Symfony 2.8 #669
  • Implement more annotation controller route naming strategies #673
  • Add Doctrine model PHP Toolbox provider
  • Try to fix "unable to get stub builder", looks like input filter is true always in helper class #630, #617
  • Implement PHP Toolbox providers: services, parameter, routes, templates
  • Fix autocomplete and goto is missing for service ids in DefinitionDecorator #667
  • Implement twig block name completion workaround; need to strip block tag content on prefixmatcher #563, #390, #460, WI-24362
  • Update yaml service template to match Symfony best practices #657 @Ma27
  • Add array syntax whitelist for twig "trans" domain extraction and support "transchoice" variable in regex #662
  • Update travis test matrix dont allow Java8 and PhpStorm10 failing
  • Autowire services must not inspect constructor arguments #664
  • Synchronized clearing of CaretTextOverlayListener timer to prevent npe #642
  • "Method References" and "Type Provider" are deprecated by now and will replaced by Plugin PHP Toolbox
  • Check null before calling getFormTypeClassOnParameter in FormUtil #650
  • Support form getParent syntax of Symfony 2.8 / 3.0 #651
  • Dropping service alias "form.type" and "form.type_extension" form sources using interfaces instead
  • Add path support, class prefix routes and auto naming for route annotation indexer
  • Add new form extension visitor to reuse type visitor and support for nested ExtendedType form; resolves #623 #651
  • Plugin renaming "Symfony2" -> "Symfony"
  • Support yml inline service alias #628
  • Support form field types as class constants #623
  • Add FormType class constant completion and insert handler #623
  • Add form intention action and generator for replace string parameter with class constant #623
  • Parse branches level for symfony-installer version combobox; wait for next deployment #645 #643
  • Add a navigation going from the constraint class to its constraint validator and vice versa #632
  • Add Doctrine class constants intention replacement
  • Add class constants completion for Doctrine getRepository and intention
  • Controller::redirectToRoute should provide routing auto completion #614
  • Whitelist twig "set tag" for twig extension references #600
  • Dropping all version strings of "Symfony2", which are not system related
  • Add support for Symfony 2.8 and 3 using the new directory structure #635, also add auto configuration to set all custom paths and enabled plugin directly out of notification box
  • Twig controller method targets now recognize xml and json files to fix @Template annotation doesn't recognize non-html templates #602
  • Replace deprecated eap "PhpType#add" collection signature with string iteration #611, #622, #627
  • Globally provide references for xml "resources" attributes with Bundle and relative path syntax
  • All service definitions now indexed as json
  • Support service alias for weak services #391
  • Add deprecated service inspection #608
  • Migrate doctrine metadata index to json and fix npe state for indexer process #610
  • Support command names inside constant and property strings
  • Add autowire attribute to blacklist for service argument inspection #616 and add "autowire" and "deprecated" yaml completion
  • Add file resource index and add include line marker for routing definition
  • Use lazy line marker for class service definitions
  • Add route pattern/path provider for Symfony symbol search
  • Use route names of index for symbol search not only compiler provider
  • Secure doctrine metadata indexer for performance reasons #610
  • Support Doctrine embedded metadata for xml
  • Add field name references on class property for doctrine xml metadata
  • Add PhpStorm 10 testing environment
  • Double check to not add empty doctrine metadata class to index #615
  • Add class name scope for all metadata providers
  • Dont provide Doctrine metadata line marker for annotation classes as this results in self navigation #613
  • Improvements for completion and navigation of all Doctrine metadata files
  • Tag generator indention for yml files is accessible for all services now
  • Add new CaretListener extension which shows several type overlays for services
  • Add blank fix for empty doctrine repository index value #609
  • Complete rewrite of Doctrine implementation; metadata on now index #586
  • Support Doctrine ODM MongoDB and CouchDB #319
  • Add Doctrine relation shortcut for neos / flow annotations
  • Add some Doctrine dbal support on newly added metadata index #395
  • Add translator.logging parameter #606 @mhor
  • Dont display configurable forms inside default project #578, #607, #593
  • Fix empty types for all TypeProviders; eg getRepository of Doctrine
  • Support more use cases of TypeProvider
  • Improve support for Doctrine metadata in xml files #319
  • Add navigation for all yaml strings that are possible service names; eg security.yml ids
  • Add Doctrine repository linemarker
  • Full references support for console helpers #243
  • Add Doctrine couchdb support; merged into overall odm manager to reuse mongodb implementation
  • Doctrine getRepository now returns self instance on an unknown class
  • Fix plugin breaks the context menu in the Project view #575 thx @steinarer, #525
  • Recursively find bundle context for all related action
  • Class constant signature fixed in PhpStorm9; provide another workaround for supporting both api levels #541
  • Event dispatcher should return event class instance #570
  • Catch npe issue with plugin enabled check, for global twig navigation #574
  • Add "resource" file references for current directory scope #517
  • Add assets completion for "absolute_url" #550
  • Refactoring and fixing assets handling in PhpStorm9 #551
  • Fix invalid inspection on container expressions in yaml files and add LocalInspection testing asserts #585
  • Add Travis PhpStorm8, 9 and eap environment switches
  • Support priority and multiple registering of getSubscribedEvents in indexer
  • Provide service tag list on indexed services for service generator
  • Add twig filter and functions to symfony symbol search
  • Remove deprecated Symfony sidebar, use symbol search instead #414
  • Rename Symfony2 to Symfony in presentable strings #393
  • Support ternary and array syntax in twig "include" and "extends" tags
  • Route indexer saves nullable string value, catch them in Route constructor #482, #508
  • Remove "defaults" key detection for a valid yaml route id #518
  • Dont annotate missing twig template in interpolated or concatenated strings #488
  • Fix global twig name navigation in php files, because of some api changes #450, #456
  • Use CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER for service container #537
  • Add warning for service name if containing a uppercase char #537
  • Remove Nullable or empty key in PhpElementsUtil.getArrayKeyValueMap #549
  • Support "Class::class" in form data_class PHP 5.5 #523
  • Add Doctrine simple_array and json_array for yaml files, on direct interface parsing #555
  • Cache: Implement service definition cache layer, invalidates on global psi change #350
  • Cache: Implement twig template name cache on psi change invalidation
  • Cache: Refactoring TwigExtensionParser and introduce cache
  • Cache: Add metadata cache for routing component
  • Add PhpClass collector for "kernel.event_listener" events that are defined in xml and yaml #531
  • Collect type hints for methods of getSubscribedEvents #531, #529
  • Implement support of "kernel.event_listener" events in completion, navigation and method creation argument type hints

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