Nette framework helpers

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Aug 26, 2017
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Nette development with pleasure

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Recent change notes

  • ComponentTypeProvider: upgrade to PhpTypeProvider3
  • Remove Nette object support
  • ComponentTypeProvider: Fixed index access during indexing
  • Fixed RuntimeException Invalid Signature
  • Fixed StackOverflowException
  • Fixed: find magic methods only in the Nette Object
  • Fixed deadlocks
  • Added support for dash separated subcomponents in getComponent or array access + components refactoring
  • Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException exception in ClassFinder
  • Added component tree popup
  • Added inspection that createComponent returns UI\Form
  • Added EventInvocationGoToDeclarationHandler [#15]
  • Added predefined Nette Code style [#20]
  • Added support for @persistent annotation (completion and inspection)
  • Fixed few issues in TypeProviders causing ide freeze
  • Components: created completion contributor for component access using ArrayAccess or getComponent method
  • Components: created reference contributor from ArrayAccess/getComponent access to createComponent* method
  • Components: added references search for "Find usages" action
  • Components: added TypeProvider for components access
  • Components: added refactoring support (rename component access when renaming createComponent* method)
  • @inject annotation completion provider
  • @inject annotation inspection: check if property is public
  • Added listener generator action for nette/object events (experimental)
  • Refactoring, removed deprecated stuffs..
  • Removed Pd\Entity support
  • Initial version