ddescriber for jasmine

Compatible with all products except MPS
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A plugin to quickly run jasmine unit tests and suites by switching between describe() / fdescribe() / ddescribe() / xdescribe() and it() / fit() / iit() / xit()

Just type Ctrl + Shift + D (Command + Shift + D on a Mac) to launch a dialog that lets you choose which suites or unit tests you want to include or exclude.

Use the following shortcuts: (Alt I) to include, (Alt X) to exclude, and (Alt G) to jump to the selected test. The plugin will automatically add an iit/fit or fdescribe/ddescribe to the selected node if you don't have any pending changes.

I have tested it on Webstorm and Intellij.

Download the code at: https://github.com/andresdominguez/ddescriber

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Recent change notes

3.2 Try to fix the action not found error on Windows.
3.1 Fix in action not found error on Mac.
3.0 Add support for jasmine 2 (fdescriber, fit)
2.1 Fix some bugs with regular expressions. Jump to test when you double-click.
2.0 Drop the tool window. Added exclude, multi-select and shortcuts.
1.2.2 Small enhancements. Expand all nodes on the dialog. More stable tool window.
1.2.1 Add support for files with multiple top-level describe().
1.2 Added tool window. Now you can clean all, filter by marked tests, and jump to tests.
1.1 Added a tree view when you launch the dialog. Added a tool window that shows you all the test files and their internal test structure.
1.0 First version
excellent time saver
feature request: CoffeeScript support would be nice!? Nevertheless, I am thankful!
Makes it super easy to quickly toggle specific tests or test blocks.
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