Pegdown Doclet for IDEA

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 07, 2017
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Enables support for Quick Documentation (Ctrl-Q) for projects that use the Pegdown Doclet. Enable and configure the plugin in "Settings – Pegdown Doclet".

Tip: Also install the the PlantUML integration plugin for live-previews of your UML diagrams.

Known Issues

  • Some formatting problems in certain constellations; the doc is still readable, though
  • No option for Pegdown parse timeout

Limitation that won't be fixed

  • It will only process JavaDocs of project source files, external libraries won't be processed; use generated JavaDocs for libraries
  • It works only if the class where Ctrl-Q was used is located in a Pegdown-enabled module
  • It may get confused on certain constellations of Pegdown-enabled and Standard-JavaDoc modules

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Recent change notes

1.3-1 (2017-01-07)
  • Fix Issue #52 (Assertion failed at PsiParameterListImpl.getParameterIndex at PegdownDocumentationProvider.generateDoc)
1.3-0 (2016-05-20)
  • Fix various issues with rendering of links in quick Javadoc
1.0 (2013-06-05)
  • Release IDEA plugin 1.0
  • Add support for UML diagrams and images
  • Improve formatting of code blocks