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Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Nov 17, 2014
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IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for JBehave

This plugin provides some support for JBehave.
It is a fork of IntelliJBehave, originally created by Aman Kumar.
See https://github.com/kumaraman21/IntelliJBehave/wiki
Most of the original code has been retained, but several improvements have been incorporated by various contributors:

And others.

JBehave icon comes from https://github.com/jbehave/jbehave-eclipse/blob/master/org.jbehave.eclipse/icons/bdd-jb-orange-red-green.png .

The plugin provides the following features:

  • Basic syntax highlighting for JBehave story files
  • Jump to step definition in Java or Groovy
  • Error Highlighting in story if step was not defined
  • Create new story files from a configurable story template
  • Comment/uncomment lines in story files
  • Code inspections to report unused steps definitions and undefined step usages
  • Run *.story files
  • Finding usages of steps methods

Known limitations:

  • Searches complete module classpath, no configuration available to limit scope
  • Does not take into account any custom JBehave configuration
Release notes:

New in version 1.5:

  • Ability to find usages of a step method
  • Inspections speed has been increased
  • JBehave icon has been updated

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