AWS Elastic Beanstalk Integration

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Aug 14, 2017
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This plugin provides support for Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk cloud platform. Following features are available:
  • applications deployment on Elastic Beanstalk
  • remote debugging of deployed Java applications
  • incremental git deploy for modules and exploded Java artifacts
  • Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js solution stacks are supported

Recent change notes


  • IDEA 2017.2 is supported


  • IDEA 2017.1 is supported


  • Solved problem with incorrect environment name length


  • IDEA 2016.3 is supported


  • IDEA 2016.2 is supported


  • IDEA 16 is supported


  • IDEA 15 is supported
  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.10.48
  • Closed #36. Update yoda-time
  • Solved problem with the incorrect application url(which is formed after deploy)


  • IDEA 14.1 is supported
  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.9.27
  • Commit dialog is shown on incremental deploy (Intellij platform utilized), making possible to control commit details and perform push without commit (covers #12)
  • Added possibility to choose IAM role (see #28)
  • Added initial support for environment/branch correspondence (see #31) - right now, single repository is supported
  • GlassFish solution stacks are supported (see #33)
  • Added possibility to choose any available solution stack
  • Various issues fixed


  • Closed #27. Can't deploy an application due of Git plugin API change


  • Closed #25. Custom InstanceProfile roles are not overrided on redeploy


  • IDEA 14.0 is supported


  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.9.3
  • EU (Frankfurt) region is available (artifact only, see #24)


  • Closed #23: IDEA API is changed - JSON support is moved to separate module
  • Closes #19. Automatic language detection (JSON or YAML) for AWS EB Extensions config files
  • General code cleanup


  • AWS SDK is updated to
  • Closed #17: S3 artifact upload and Git push progress indicators are implemented
  • Closed #21: EBDeploymentConfiguration cannot be cast to RepositoryDeploymentConfiguration


  • Plugin is now present in IDEA clouds module builder
  • Latest IDEA API is supported


  • Reduced API Throttling
  • Custom EB Application name can be specified to deploy on existing application
  • Autocompletion and structure validation support for JSON Elastic Beanstalk Extensions ".config" files


  • AWS SDK is updated to
  • Latest IDEA API is supported


  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.6.9
  • Plugin does not bundle AWS SDK anymore, plugin downloads the library in runtime
  • Additional solution stacks are supported (as module deployment): PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js
  • Incremental deploy via git is implemented for modules and exploded artifacts


  • Migrated to IDEA 13 - plugin is reworked to implement new API


  • AWS SDK is updated to 1.5.1
  • Only latest downloaded libraries should be used now


  • IDEA 13 EAP versions are supported until to build 130.1179
  • Plugin is rebuilt to be Java 6 compliant


  • Latest AWS SDK is used, various endpoint connection issues are fixed


  • Support for IDEA UI-129.859 is added

0.5.0: Initial revision

  • Deployment and redeployment of war artifacts is fully implemented. Remote debugging is supported

General usage instructions

If you are looking for integration for web languages IDEs (PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm, WebStorm) - please check AWS Elastic Beanstalk Integration for Web Languages plugin

This plugin has different guides for different versions. Proper plugin version to guide accordance:
0.6.0 and later: [link]
0.5.5: [link]
0.5.4 and below: [link]
We encourage you to use latest plugin and guide version.