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Mar 26, 2017
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Embeds a code minimap similar to the one found in Sublime into the editor pane. Works with both light and dark themes using your customized colors for syntax highlighting.

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Recent change notes

  • Add support for transparent backgrounds
  • Add an option to lock the width
  • Bugfix: Assertion error
  • Fix a bug that causes the minimap not to render
  • Added a min editor width to automatically disable codeglance. Thanks
  • Complete overhaul of scrolling logic. Smoother, faster, more accurate
  • A cleaner look. Old renderer is available still in settings
  • Correctly renders multiple cursors
  • Fix a bug injecting into some custom editors
  • Don't automatically re-enable CodeGlance on boot
  • Add min and max documentWidth
  • Remove a useless warning
  • Fix a bug when encountering tokens past the end of the document
  • Add support for 171.3556 EAPs
  • Fix a race condition when folding
  • Increase maximum file size to 1MB, up from 20k
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Reduced the total memory used to about half
  • Lots of dead bugs.
  • Bugfix: Disable retina scaling. This should fix some of the current retina issues.
  • Bugfix: NPE in getLine
  • Bugfix: Increase render queue to 1000 requests
  • Scrolling while hovering over the overview now works
  • Add a keybind to show/hide codeglance. Default is control shift G
  • Display editor selection in real time
  • Selection is now resizeable
  • Configurable viewport color
1.3.2: Fixed a memory leak 1.3.1: Fix a NPE in offsetToScreenSpace() 1.3.0: Folding support
  • Dragging is now relative to the start point. This means less sudden jumping around
  • This required some fairly heavy changes to the coordinate code.
1.2.3: Added scale config item!
  • Fix regression of 'Already disposed'
  • Added ability to disable CodeGlance without restarting
1.2.2: Added scale config item!
  • Fixed an NPE in PhpStorm
  • Fixed clicking on a section of code in a long file, dragging still behaves the same with percentage based movement.
  • Pixels per line is now configurable
1.2.1: Scale fixes
  • Fixed a rendering issue for osx with vertical stretching.
  • Fixes stretching of the view area when looking at large files.
  • Increased viewport visibility a touch.
1.2: Smaller with transparency
  • Now uses a transparent selection box and the maximum documentWidth is limited to 100 chars. This will probably become configurable
  • Increased the number of render jobs that can be in the queue
  • Improved handling of very long lines.
1.1a: Misc fixes
  • Use new BufferedImage instead of UiUtil for Idea 11.x compatibility.
  • Limited panel injection only to text editors
  • Fixed a bug with split panes not displaying correctly on restart
1.1: Small performance and aesthetic improvements
  • Optimized the rendering loop a little
  • Fixed a bug with scrolling in large files and the reticule not matching the top correctly.
  • Made character weighting non random, removes the 'film grain' effect when rapidly updating a document.
1.0: Initial release of the plugin:
  • Worker thread for rendering
  • Color rendering using intelij's tokenizer
  • Scrollable!
  • - Embedded into editor window