PHP Advanced AutoComplete

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
May 03, 2015
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Adds auto-completion support for various built-in PHP functions and methods, where parameter is a string literal.

The following functions are currently supported:

  • header/header_remove
    HTTP response headers, status codes, charsets, mime-types, locations, and much more

  • File and folder related functions and methods (fopen, file_get_contents, dir...)
    Files and/or folders paths relative to the current file (completion and reference)

  • date
    Format characters and common format strings

  • htmlentities/htmlspecialchars
    Supported charsets

  • mb_string functions
    Charset, where required; types for mb_get_info and supported languages for mb_language

  • ini_get/ini_set/ini_restore/get_cfg_var
    Known INI variable names

  • extension_loaded
    Known PHP extensions

  • fopen/popen/SplFileInfo::openFile
    File modes

  • mysql_connect/mysqli_connect/mysqli/PDO
    Hostnames, database names and usernames from data sources defined in project

  • mysql_select_db/mysqli_select_db/mysqli::select_db
    Database names from data sources defined in project

  • mysqli_change_user/mysqli::change_user
    Usernames and database names from data sources defined in project

  • mysql_set_charset/mysqli_set_charset/mysqli::set_charset
    Supported charsets for MySQL

Important: You have to start a string literal and press Ctrl + Space to activate the completion popup

If you have further suggestions/ideas, just send me an e-mail.

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Recent change notes

* Changed date format info for 'W' * Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range