MyBatis plugin

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
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Plugin for mybatis
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NOTE: There is a free version in the repository which is forked from our previous open source plugin about a year ago.
If there is any problem with the free version, we can not tell what the problems are because the free version is NOT being maintained by us and there were too many updates in the past year.
You can switch to our version if you have any problems with the forked one.
Wish you happy coding with our plugin.

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Recent change notes

  • Fix JavaBean field referencing bug.
  • Other minor update to make the plugin better.
  • Reference sql parameter to related elements
  • New friendly way to show popup menu
  • New friendly way to choose folder when generating mapper xml
  • Support generating statement while existing multi mapper xml with same namespace
  • Add a template for the configuration file of mybatis generator to make it mush easier to create a new configuration file
  • Support smart completion for the configuration file of mybatis generator to make it much easier to edit
  • Run mybatis generator in IntelliJ IDEA [Right click on a generator configuration file, then run as 'Mybatis Generator']
  • Associate related elements of mybatis configuration file to make them working better together
  • Support template of mybatis configuration file
  • Update mybatis generator configuration
  • Auto generate <generatedKey/> tag for single primary key according to datasource
  • Register mapper as spring bean
  • Generating generatedKey for number only
  • Support more alias for 'resultType' and 'parameterType' in mapper xml
  • Custom plugin support for Mybatis Generator
  • New icons for retain display