Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Mar 25, 2018
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A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to interact with a CRX repository via the FileVault tool which is packaged with Adobe AEM/CQ.

This plugin is largely based upon, and liberally borrows from, VaultClipse which is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE for interacting with FileVault.

The plugin source can be found on Github

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Recent change notes

  • v0.9.1: Added logging of output to the console, removed extraneous dialog options.
  • v0.9.2: Fixing an issue where the temp directory isn't always deleted.
  • v0.9.3: Updates to plugin metadata.
  • v0.9.4: Merged PR from sdehandt; Added option to bypass message dialogs. Also re-branded to Razorfish Platforms and added support for VLT 3.
  • v0.9.5: Fixed compile version to use JDK 1.6
  • v0.10.0: Added multiple repository profiles and ability to select from run dialogs.