Require.js plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand Rider
Feb 05, 2016
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Require js plugin
- Completion file paths
- Reference find files
- Completion path for loader plugin (path start with "module!")
- Paths support
- Map support
- Package support

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Recent change notes

Version 0.25
- Fixed errors in new version IDEA platform
Version 0.24
- Added resolving urls
- Added resolving plugins (example hbs)
- Fixed problem for package with slash in name
Version 0.23
Very thanks, msvab ( - Fixed ConcurrentModificationException Version 0.22.1
- Build with support java 6
Version 0.22
- Fixed work on Idea platform 141(WebStorm 10, Idea 14.1, PhpStorm 9, etc)
Version 0.21
Very thanks, gseguin ( - Added option to override requirejs' baseUrl
- Fixed resolve NullPointerException (Issue #33)
- Added resolving magic module "require"
Version 0.20
- Fix multi modules project bugs
- Added resolving magic AMD modules (exports, module)
Version 0.19
- Added map support
- Fix bugs
- Refactoring packages and paths supports
Version 0.18
- Improve packages support
- Fix all tests
Version 0.17
- Fix issue with requirejs loader plugin and packages reference resolving
Version 0.16
Very thanks, idok (
- Added support for requirejs packages
- Plugin will now detect changes in the requirejs config file and load them automatically
Version 0.15
- Added support config object as the global variable require
- Added support define config in html file
- Now for the new projects, the plugin is disabled by default
- Fixed bugs
Version 0.14
- Fix reference resolve, when baseUrl not set in config
- Fix completion, when baseUrl not set in config
- Fix reference resolve, when moduleName repeat in path
Version 0.13
- Added supports require.js loader plugins (exclamation mark separator) (example: tpl!template.html)
- Fix stack overflow error
Version 0.12
- Fixed compatibility issue with symfony2 plugin. You plugin settings will be lost
- Fixed completion for alias if baseUrl set
- Config properties as string now work
Version 0.11
- Added completion and reference resolve for paths declared in the config file
- Added support configs start with require({}), requirejs({}), require.config({}), requirejs.config({})
Version 0.10
- Big refactoring. You plugin settings will be lost
- Refactor settings page
- Fix bug "Already disposed"
- Added getting started section on readme
- Added enable\disable plugin
- Added tests for completion
- Added tests for reference
Version 0.9:
- Added reference for relative paths
- Show notification for wrong settings Version 0.8:
- Added autocompletion relative paths
Version 0.7:
- Added autocompletion for paths start with dot
Version 0.6:
- Refactor settings page
- Added setting path to require js config file
Version 0.5:
- Now the plugin works on jdk 1.6. It is necessary for Mac OS X.

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