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Dec 16, 2016
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Source Synchronizer is a powerful plugin for performing one-way file synchronization for your project.
It synchronizes the remote target so that it will match your local project. It features support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCP protocols. You can filter the uploaded files, or you can simply opt to sync out only selected or changed files.

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Recent change notes

Changes in version 1.9:
  • Add support for OS X 10.11
  • Fix passwordless SSH for SFTP connections
  • Add support for passphrase keys for SFTP connections
  • Add support for passwordless SCP connections
  • Fix issues with known_hosts file on Windows machines
  • Fix issue with hidden files and directories not showing through private key file chooser
  • Fix issue with private key file chooser forcing you to select the public key instead of the private one
  • Fix issues with configuration and target window not getting on top of the IDE
  • Make the configuration, target and module selection window to always open in the center of IDE
  • All previous configurations will be lost!

Changes in version 1.8:
  • Add support for IntelliJ IDEA 15.x
  • Add support for PyCharm 5.x
  • Fix upload of files over FTPS connections using explicit TLS security
  • Set the configuration window to be always on top

General usage instructions

Source Synchronizer is pretty easy to use. First of all you need to configure a remote connection so that the plugin will know where to sync the files. To do so please access the Tools menu, and then Source Sync like in the below picture:
Tools-->Source Sync
Hit Add to create connections or remove them:
Add/Remove connections
After you are done creating/editing the connection, hit Apply in order to save the configurations and then OK to exit the window.
Now - after you created the configuration you need to specify which connection you want to use for the current project. For that matter please select you project in your Project View (Alt + 1 shortcut to bring the view forward) and then right click on the desired project and select Project Connection Configuration:
Right click on project and select Project Connection Configuration
Now that you have done this step you are up and ready to sync files. Just right click on the project, module, or even on a opened file. You will be presented with three options like in the below screen-shot:
Right click on file and sync
Any support is graciously accepted :)¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted
sourcesync is licensed under MIT License. Please take a look at the LICENSE file for more information’s.
You can find me at the following email address: fioan89 at gmail dot com