Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 15, 2015
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Authors : Fouquet Francois, Gregory Nain The Kevoree Plugin provides several tools to help the development of components for Kevoree.
- Wizards to create a Kevoree Project, Kevoree Components, Channels and Groups
- A wizards to create a KevScript file with its editor
- A runner to launch a Kevoree Runtime of any available version, that launches using your KevScript as base configuration.

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Recent change notes

V14 : Change annotator strategy
V13 : Fix templates according
V12 : Fix Support for IDEA 14
V11 : Fix Runner for Kevoree 5
V10 : Add support for Kevoree 5
V9 : Change KevScript start and stop statements
V8 : Fix Run configuration names for uniqueness
V7 : Fix null pointer exception in KevS generation
V6 : Fix Maven Dependency generation version / Update resolver to version 20 (https:// -> http:// management)
V5 : Add Node template generation action and add node name parameter to runners
V4 : Fix performance issues, fix naming of runners, add ability to start several .kevs file in same module, fix compatibility with JUnit plugin
V3 : Add debug support
V2 : This second version finalize the dev mode and integrate graphical editor. As result, developers can now directly run their code without pre build with mvn install.
V1 : This is the first BETA release of the plugin.It contains only new features ! :-)