Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
Jun 25, 2017
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Simple plugin to easily compile Java & Kotlin files to smali.

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Recent change notes

version 1.6
fixed 'Write access is allowed from write-safe contexts only' error
minimum IDEA version is now 143 (IntelliJ IDEA 15)
updated baksmali.jar to version 2.2.1
build plugin with Gradle (4.0) & gradle-intellij-plugin
continuous integration with Travis CI and AppVeyor version 1.5
kotlin runtime 1.0.3
updated baksmali.jar to version 2.1.3
updated dx.jar (Android build-tools 23.0.2)
version 1.4
initial support for kotlin files
all inner classes, including anonymous, are now converted to smali
fix: dex file was accidentally placed in the IDE's bin directory
updated baksmali jar to version 2.1.0
rewrote entire plugin in kotlin
version 1.3
disabled plugin for Java files outside of a module
improved file type detection (ignore caret position)
updated dx.jar (Android build-tools 22.0.0)
version 1.2
fixed NoSuchMethodError on new IntelliJ versions
updated dx.jar (Android build-tools 21.1.2)
version 1.1
added Java module dependency in plugin.xml
updated dx.jar (Android build-tools 20.0.0)
version 1.0
initial release