Open in splitted tab

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider MPS Android Studio
Nov 19, 2016
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Inspired by the assistant-view in Xcode. Opens the declaration / implementation of the current selected symbol within a vertically splitted tab.

If there already is an splitted tab, it will use this. If not, it will open a new one. There are two actions available:

  • "Open in splitted tab": Mimics the behaviour of Xcode and opens the file always in the same tab.
  • "Open in splitted (new) tab": Always opens the file in a new tab.
The actions have no shortcuts assigned by default and only accessible by the "GoTo"-menu.

Recent change notes

  • Feature (#9): Added a second action that leaves existing tabs open.
  • Bugfix (#8): Reworked how the files are opened. This should improve the stability. Thanks Nazar for reporting and testing!
  • Improvement (#5): Calling the "Goto declaration"-action when the API can't resolve a symbol at the current cursor-position. This enables you to use the "Open in splitted tab"-action also in language-injected SQL. Thanks to raveren for this suggestion.
0.1.2 & 0.1.3
  • Bugfix (#3): Fixing "Half of line upper than necessary" by deferring the scrolling
  • Bugfix (#2): Opens only one instead of two tabs
  • Initial release