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Jun 21, 2014
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Recent change notes

  • Fixes IDE name reporting.
  • Fixed org.json.simple.JSONObject cannot be cast to org.json.simple.JSONArray Exception.
  • Improved ActionScript support.
  • Properly trim user_id and user_token to stop errors with authenticating.
  • Added IDE name to upload.
  • Fix ANY language to report as "Plain text".
  • Improved detection of language in new files.
  • Improved detection of HTML in some files.
  • Improved settings page.
0.1.9 and below
  • Re-complied with Java 1.6
  • Improved settings page, now accessible by clicking Codeivate widget bottom right.
  • Added clickable links to settings page, and added more useful links
  • Added users signature to Settings page (enter username to see)
  • Improved authentication
  • Fixed apply button modal showing up on all settings forms
  • Fixed bug with trying to remove settings
  • Fixed bug with not fetching new machine name if it was blank
  • Fixed small bug with TEXT language
  • Fixed null pointer for users with no settings.