JBoss Forge IDEA Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Aug 09, 2018
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JBoss Forge 3.x Support
Execute wizards and interact with the container.

Press Ctrl+Alt+4 to show Forge commands. On MacOSX, use Command + Option + 4.
Requires JDK1.8+ to run.
Bundled with Forge 3.9.1.Final


The JBoss Forge plugin only works with Java 8 or higher.
The following exception will appear if you execute in JDK 7 or lower : Plugin 'org.jboss.forge.plugin.idea' failed to initialize and will be disabled. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA. com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: org/jboss/forge/plugin/idea/service/ForgeService : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 [Plugin: org.jboss.forge.plugin.idea]
IntelliJ Idea runs on JDK 6 by default, make sure to change the default IDE VM use JDK 8 by following instructions provided in here.

Download plugin

General usage instructions

Press Ctrl + Alt + 4 to show Forge commands.
If you're on MacOSX, use Command + Option + 4