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Based on Jason Morton's plugin

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Recent change notes

2.4 Added bs3-form-field:select, thanks to Azeem Hassni
2.2.1 Bugfix release, thanks to Azi Baloch
2.2 Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.6.
2.1 Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.5 thanks to chuckhousley.
2.0 Jade support thanks to lihaibh and pjedwabny! Also fix by oscarbatlle!
in the templates.
1.9.1 Small issues fixed by PaweĊ‚ Jedwabny
1.9 Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.4.
1.8.1 Removed duplicated meta tag in bs3-template:html5 live template thanks to oscarbatlle!
1.8 Added FontAwesome templates thanks to pixsrv!
1.7 Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.2.
1.6 Added fluid container.
1.5 Updated media list and added responsive embed.
1.4 Added dismissable alert, alert link, progress bars, well. Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.1. Added JSP and GSP context, and removed 'other' context.
1.3 Added tabs, pills, button drops and button dropdown
1.2 Added features, thanks to Alexander Mahrt (see Features part) and (Thumbnail Gallery)
1.1.1 Made plugin available for all platforms
1.1 Added form-field templates, bugfixes, rename of templates
1.0 Initial release

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