AdbCommander for Android

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Feb 22, 2016
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Simple tool for helping with handling connected android devices or emulators.

NEW! Dynamic macros. Now is possible have macros more dynamic.

Example. We have got macro named "my_email", type "input text" with value "".
For some reason is nice to have option change email on fly.
In this case we must little bit edit macro content.
For params which can be replaced just add $ as first letter of value. > $my, - that's it.
Now in shell tab is possible call macro with its name $my_email and new value > $my_email and press execute.
Origin value from macro will replaced with new value and macro will execute.
If you don't add value or you will run dicro direct will used value witouth first $ char.
Also is possible do chain of macros execute as they're added into shell tab or mix shell commands and macros in one.

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Open Plugin via menu: View > Tool Windows > ADBRemoter or from Tool Buttons at lower right side of the IDE

How it works

The first step is to map the adb executable file.
The first panel shows all devices currently connected to ADB (via usb or remote).
The second panel contains 3 tabs:

  • input text - is for input text (text is sent to all selected devices in first panel)
  • macros - here you can add often-used commands (ie your email address, open wifi settings) and press the run icon to send to all selected devices
  • shell - encapsulates shell commands (ie. ls -la) and the output from each selected device is opened in output text console

The third panel contains virtual keys - the command is sent again to all selected devices in the first panel
The fourth panel is a simple option remap path to your executable ADB file.

Download plugin

Recent change notes

ver. 0.1.9
  • Fixed problem with plugin crash due to read access exception

ver. 0.1.8
  • Simple custom macro scripting

ver. 0.1.7
  • Added DPAD keys into virtual keys panel

ver. 0.1.6
  • Select file dialog crash with dark theme fixes

ver. 0.1.5
  • Option for install APK from local filesystem
  • Battery Status for connected devices
  • Bug fixes

ver. 0.1.4
  • Plugin performance improvement
  • Added device info (device properties) viewer
  • Added option for uninstall apps from device
  • Renaming plugin