jQAssistant Plugin

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jun 03, 2015
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New in version 1.1
  • Update to Neo4j 2.2.0
What is it? Execute queries against an existing jQAssistant database and show results in the Find Toolwindow. So you can search for code using Neo4J Cypher database queries. Usage This plugin doesn't create the jQAssistant database. So you should get a copy from jqassistant.org, configure and run it following the jQAssistant documentation. You can also use the jQAssistant plugins provided by Kontext E available at maven central. When you have created your database, you can open the jQA toolwindow. The database location has the default value where most probably the database files should reside. Take the example query or enter your own and hit the 'Find' button gently. The result is shown in the standard Find toolwindow and you can use it to navigate as you know it. What can you find? You can find classes, methods and files where
  • * nodes have a 'fqn' property that contains the fully qualified name of a class in project scope, e.g. nodes with Class, CheckstyleFile, BugInstanceClass (of FindBugs plugin), JacocoClass lables
  • * node have a 'Method' label,
  • * nodes have a 'relativePath' property that contains the path of a file relative to the project root, e.g. with GitFile, GitCommitFile labels

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Recent change notes

Update to Neo4j 2.2.0 and some bugfixes.