Back Php Inspections (EA Extended) 3.0.0

Dependencies defined in plugin.xml

  • com.intellij.modules.platform
  • com.jetbrains.php (PHP)

Supported products

List of supported products was determined by dependencies defined in the plugin.xml.

Product name Compatible versions
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2016.2.4+
PhpStorm 2016.2.1+

Unsupported products

Product name Incompatible dependencies
WebStorm com.jetbrains.php
RubyMine com.jetbrains.php
AppCode com.jetbrains.php
CLion com.jetbrains.php
GoLand com.jetbrains.php
DataGrip com.jetbrains.php
Rider com.jetbrains.php
MPS com.jetbrains.php
Android Studio com.jetbrains.php
IntelliJ IDEA Community com.jetbrains.php
IntelliJ IDEA Educational com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Professional com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Community com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Educational com.jetbrains.php


Major update. Supporters via Patreon are wanted.

- Reworked types resolving subsystem

- Callable parameter usage violates definition: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- Fixed-time string starts with checks: resolved false-positives (strings with injections)
- Instanceof can be used: resolved false-positives (incomplete classes)
- Isset operations variables existence: resolved a false-positive (variable functions)
- Non-optimal regular expression: resolved false-positives (compound qualifiers)
- Null reference: resolved a false-positive (incomplete types)
- Suspicious assignments: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- Unnecessary parentheses: resolved a false-positive (unexpected tree structure)
- Useless return: resolved false-positives (by reference)
- ::class can be used: QF bug-fix (current and imported class names conflict)

- Basic malware patterns: new patterns
- Exploiting unserialize: new patterns
- Parameter/variable is not used: new patterns
- Security advisories for Composer packages: new dev-packages
- Suspicious ternary operator:: implemented
- Unsupported empty list assignments: implemented
- Unsupported string offset operations: new patterns
- Usage of object type in PhpDoc: dropped
- 'array_push(...)' misused: new patterns