Back Php Inspections (EA Extended) 3.0.0

Dependencies defined in plugin.xml

  • com.intellij.modules.platform
  • com.jetbrains.php (PHP)

Supported products

List of supported products was determined by dependencies defined in the plugin.xml.

Product name Compatible versions Incompatible dependencies
PhpStorm 2016.2.4+
WebStorm com.jetbrains.php
RubyMine com.jetbrains.php
AppCode com.jetbrains.php
CLion com.jetbrains.php
GoLand com.jetbrains.php
DataGrip com.jetbrains.php
Rider com.jetbrains.php
MPS com.jetbrains.php
Android Studio com.jetbrains.php
IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.4+
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Community Edition com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Educational Edition com.jetbrains.php


Major update. Supporters via Patreon are wanted.

- Reworked types resolving subsystem

- Callable parameter usage violates definition: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- Fixed-time string starts with checks: resolved false-positives (strings with injections)
- Instanceof can be used: resolved false-positives (incomplete classes)
- Isset operations variables existence: resolved a false-positive (variable functions)
- Non-optimal regular expression: resolved false-positives (compound qualifiers)
- Null reference: resolved a false-positive (incomplete types)
- Suspicious assignments: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- Unnecessary parentheses: resolved a false-positive (unexpected tree structure)
- Useless return: resolved false-positives (by reference)
- ::class can be used: QF bug-fix (current and imported class names conflict)

- Basic malware patterns: new patterns
- Exploiting unserialize: new patterns
- Parameter/variable is not used: new patterns
- Security advisories for Composer packages: new dev-packages
- Suspicious ternary operator:: implemented
- Unsupported empty list assignments: implemented
- Unsupported string offset operations: new patterns
- Usage of object type in PhpDoc: dropped
- 'array_push(...)' misused: new patterns