Back Php Inspections (EA Extended) 3.0.5

Dependencies defined in plugin.xml

  • com.intellij.modules.platform
  • com.jetbrains.php (PHP)

Supported products

List of supported products was determined by dependencies defined in the plugin.xml.

Product name Compatible versions Incompatible dependencies
PhpStorm 2016.2.4+
WebStorm com.jetbrains.php
RubyMine com.jetbrains.php
AppCode com.jetbrains.php
CLion com.jetbrains.php
GoLand com.jetbrains.php
DataGrip com.jetbrains.php
Rider com.jetbrains.php
MPS com.jetbrains.php
Android Studio com.jetbrains.php
IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.4+
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Community Edition com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Educational Edition com.jetbrains.php


Enhancements and bug-fixes. Supporters via Patreon are wanted.

- Performance and deep code analysis improvements
- New settings (Other Settings -> Php Inspections (EA Extended))

- Array and string offset validity: bug-fix types calculation (array|mixed + number)
- Loop which does not loop: resolved false-positives (generator, iterable and co)
- Null reference: resolved false-positives (null-coalescing/isset context)
- Useless return: added QF, resolved a false-positive (static variables)
- 'isset(...)' constructs can be merged: QF bug-fix (lost parenthesises)
- 'substr(...)' short-hand usage: bug-fixing rare offset calculation issue

- Could be replaced with '(array) ...': dropped
- Exceptions handling and annotating: dropped in favor bundled one
- Parameter/variable is not used: new patterns
- Return type hint can be used: new patterns
- Unnecessary type casting: new patterns
- 'substr(...)' could be replaced with 'strpos(...)': added QF settings