Back Php Inspections (EA Extended) 3.0.6

Dependencies defined in plugin.xml

  • com.intellij.modules.platform
  • com.jetbrains.php (PHP)

Supported products

List of supported products was determined by dependencies defined in the plugin.xml.

Product name Compatible versions
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2016.2.4+
PhpStorm 2016.2.1+

Unsupported products

Product name Incompatible dependencies
WebStorm com.jetbrains.php
RubyMine com.jetbrains.php
AppCode com.jetbrains.php
CLion com.jetbrains.php
GoLand com.jetbrains.php
DataGrip com.jetbrains.php
Rider com.jetbrains.php
MPS com.jetbrains.php
Android Studio com.jetbrains.php
IntelliJ IDEA Community com.jetbrains.php
IntelliJ IDEA Educational com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Professional com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Community com.jetbrains.php
PyCharm Educational com.jetbrains.php


New features and bug-fixes. Supporters via Patreon are wanted.

- PhpStorm 2018.2 related fixes (minor)
- Reduced amount of data sent to Google Analytics (plugin versions info)

- Cryptographically secure randomness: resolved a false-positive (respect !$variable constructs)
- Non-optimal if conditions: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- Null reference: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- Suspicious binary operations: resolved a false-positive (spaceship operator)
- Unnecessary type casting: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)
- 'substr(...)' used as index-based access: resolved false-positives (multiple cases)

- Class mocking correctness: new patterns
- Nested positive ifs: new patterns
- Parameter/variable is not used: new patterns
- PhpUnit: bugs and best practices: new patterns
- PhpUnit: unnecessary assertion: new patterns
- 'file(...)' misused: new patterns
- 'substr(...)' could be replaced with 'strpos(...)': new patterns