Compatible with Android Studio
Apr 06, 2018
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PhraseApp helps you manage Translations in your Android Studio projects.

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Recent change notes

Version 3.5.1
- List more than 25 projects and locales
Version 3.4
- optimize initialization of the phrase app plugin. Region codes are now correctly handled.
Version 3.3
- fixes a problem with older java versions
Version 3.2
- fixes a problem with older version of the PhraseApp Client
Version 3.1
- internal improvements
Version 3.0
- major redesign of UI and internals
Version 2.3
- supports CLI yml config
Version 2.2
- improves performance, adds more detailed error handling
Version 2.1
- fixes a problem when Android-style locale-culture codes (e.g. "pl-rPL") are used
Version 2.0
- support for PhraseApp API v2