Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Apr 30, 2015
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eddy helps write code. If you make mistakes, eddy will try to understand you anyway and propose proper Java. If eddy isn't sure what you meant, it'll show you options.

For examples of what eddy can do, see the instructions page. To report an issue, use the issue tracker or ask a question on the mailing list.

Eddy is open source and provided under the terms of the simplified BSD license. You can check out the code and contribute to our github repository.

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Recent change notes


  • change to BSD-2 license
  • proper handling of super wildcards
  • made logging optional
  • added file documentation


  • fix deadlock caused by interaction with Scala plugin
  • understand is/isinstance
  • fix prioritzation of parameters
  • reduce cost for errors in capitalization


  • fix bug causing eddy to stop suggesting fixes after some code modifications


  • use per project package probabilities
  • fix an issue causing some packages to not be found
  • fix variadic function resolution
  • fix shadowing rules
  • predictive variable initialization
  • grammar improvements (trailing commas, python ':' syntax)
  • stability and performance improvements


  • fix an issue with some non-US system locales


  • add feedback email preference
  • remove unnecessary generated upcasts
  • fix some (caught but logged) NPEs
  • drop type arguments inside instanceof expressions
  • adapt to 14.1