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Jun 17, 2015
Write Thought Processes in IDEA. Plug-in currently supports downloading of all THOPS, editing and uploading a THOP, running a THOP and printing result in the console (debug output collected via debug(..) are visible when run using Debug action)
  • Set-up your SMB connection per project in Tools->Connect SMB...
  • Select one or more .js files, use Upload THOP(s) in context menu
  • Select a directory, use Download THOPs in context menu to download all THOPS
  • Select one or more .js files to Delete THOP(s) using context menu
  • Full support for Run Configurations: Run THOPs by right clicking -> Create, Run or Debug

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Recent change notes

1.3.0 Initial support for THOP 2.0 layer 1.2.4 Bugfix for invalid configuration data 1.2 Note: Delete your existing THOP runtime configurations for this update to work
  • Added accessKey to connection data
  • New runtime configuration options:
  • Running THOP uploads the latest code automatically (configurable, default: true)
  • THOPs runs asynchronously and don't block the main UI thread anymore
1.1 Initial release