Back Sencha Ext JS

Dependencies defined in plugin.xml

  • JavaScript
  • com.intellij.css
  • com.intellij.modules.lang

Supported products

List of supported products was determined by dependencies defined in the plugin.xml.

Product name Compatible versions
CLion 1.0 — 2019.1.4
GoLand 2017.3 — 2019.1.4
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 14.1 — 2019.1.4
AppCode 3.2 — 2019.1.5
PhpStorm 9.0 — 2019.1.3
PyCharm Professional 4.5.2 — 2019.1.4
Rider 2017.1 — 2019.1.3
RubyMine 7.1 — 2019.1.4
WebStorm 10.0 — 2019.1.4

Unsupported products

Product name Incompatible dependencies
DataGrip JavaScript, com.intellij.css
MPS JavaScript, com.intellij.css
Android Studio JavaScript, com.intellij.css
IntelliJ IDEA Community JavaScript, com.intellij.css
IntelliJ IDEA Educational JavaScript, com.intellij.css
PyCharm Community JavaScript, com.intellij.css
PyCharm Educational JavaScript, com.intellij.css


Version 6.0.2
  • Added ability to select themes when creating a Universal Ext JS 6 App
  • Fixed several errors reported via the IDE and through the user forums.
Version 6.0.1
  • Fixed error reporting for users running Java 1.6 and 1.7
  • Fixed several errors reported via the IDE and through the user forums.
Version 6.0.0
  • This is first GA commercial release of the Sencha Ext JS plugin.
  • Added support for Ext JS 6
  • Improved code completion for Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch 2
  • Added code completion support for Ext.widget()
  • Requires/uses array inspection no longer marks references to classes required by a parent class as missing
  • Library scopes are now respected. This allows you to have multiple Sencha frameworks/versions in a single project. See
  • Plugin now understands toolbar shortcuts '-', '->', and ' ' and will mark the corresponding classes as required
  • Fixed several errors reported via the IDE and through the user forums.
Version 0.3.323
  • Fixed error reporting
Version 0.3.316
  • Update EA expiration date to July 5, 2015
Version 0.3.312
  • Classes are now ordered alphabetically in the requires/uses arrays automatically.
  • Classes in the uses or requires array of the parent class or application are no longer flagged if they do not appear in the uses or requires array of the child class.
  • If a class exists in both the uses or requires array for both a parent and child class, the child’s requires statement will be flagged as redundant.
  • Toolbar shorthand classes are added to requires array when used.
  • Classes in requires/uses arrays that are matched by wildcards (.*) are no longer flagged as missing dependencies.
  • Added support for completing views, models, and stores configs in controller and application subclasses.
  • Now completes region config values when using layout: ‘border’.
  • Added completion support for series, axes, and interaction types in in the sencha-charts package.
  • Added lots a of little fixes that improve code completion in Sencha Touch.
  • Renaming a directory now renames all classes in the directory and nested directories.
Version 0.2.251
  • Improved performance when opening large files.
  • Added support for package creation.
  • Improved code completion on Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch.
  • Improved handling of sencha cmd errors.
  • Fixed "cannot resolve symbol" errors in bind expressions and improved bind expression completion overall.
  • You can now choose an SDK when creating new apps and workspaces.
  • Now detects class references by ptype, ftype, when managing the requires array.