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Nov 16, 2017
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Camelcade plugin adds Perl5 support for IntelliJ IDEA and other JetBrains products.

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Recent change notes


  • Editor responsiveness should be much better now
  • Double-click on variable name should now select variable with sigil
  • __PACKAGE__ now may be used as class specifier in my/our/state and annotations #@type/#@returns, by aldem
  • Inspection for use vars legacy pragma usage with quick-fix for converting to our declaration, 380
  • Intention to convert statement with modifier to compound statement and vice versa, by cjelli
  • Re-worked live templates: abbreviations, defaults and so on (need a feedback)


  • continue block indentation after while and until
  • Spacing after for/foreach in compound statement without explicit variable, 1607
  • Completion for methods on annotated variables, by bakanov
  • @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK handling for large lists of exported variables, by johndunlap
  • Unresolved variable inspection false positive on $1 and friends, #1605 (hardcoded variables 1-20)