Illuminated Cloud

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Feb 11, 2019
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Illuminated Cloud is a powerful Salesforce development tool hosted within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. Illuminated Cloud was designed and implemented with the express intent of bringing the beloved feature set of modern Java IDEs to Salesforce developers. Because Illuminated Cloud is hosted within IntelliJ IDEA—both Community Edition and Ultimate Edition are supported—users are also able to leverage IDEA's extensive core feature set for Salesforce development including its powerful source code editors, polyglot language support for composite applications, and tight integrations with version control, task management, and bug tracking systems.

Illuminated Cloud dramatically simplifies development and deployment of Apex, Visualforce, Lightningand other Salesforce metadata types with modern IDE features such as:

  • Support for both traditional and Salesforce DX projects
  • Intelligent context-sensitive code completion and live templates
  • Extensive code navigation and cross-referencing
  • Integrated API documentation
  • ApexDoc support including auto-generation of header comments, tag and symbol completion, syntax highlighting, and quick doc rendering
  • Content type-aware static resource management and static resource bundle support
  • Template-based source file creation
  • Highly-configurable source code formatter
  • Integrated Apex unit test execution and code coverage metrics
  • Source code validation and deployment
  • Powerful Salesforce connection management
  • Flexible and efficient metadata deployment, retrieval, and delete actions
  • Anonymous Apex and SOQL query execution
  • Integrated log viewer
  • Offline Apex debugger

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Recent change notes - Spring '19 / API v45.0 Updates

  • Updated to use an API v45.0 SOAP client and allowed API v45.0 for connections.
  • Added support for the following new language features:
    • $ContentAsset global value provider
    • $Locale global value provider date format options
    • JavaScript function
  • Updated the following for Spring '19 changes:
    • Aura components
    • Aura public JavaScript interfaces
    • SLDS CSS
    • SFDX scratch org features
    • Metadata XSD
    • SFDX JSON schemas
    • Integrated API documentation
  • Updated Salesforce CLI execution to expect JSON-formatted information only on stdout. Messages written to stderr are now optionally displayed in the Event Log. This can be enabled/disabled (enabled by default) in the Salesforce DX application configuration tab. When disabled, messages written to stderr are sent to idea.log only.
  • Lightning Web Components - Support for LWC was already included in official Illuminated Cloud builds. LWC support will be continuously improved in future builds.
    • Note that it is now possible to run and interactively debug Jest unit tests from within Illuminated Cloud when used with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition or WebStorm by adding "jest": ">= 23.0.0" to package.json under devDependencies. This workaround will no longer be necessary after a near-term update to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition and WebStorm.
  • NOTE: You will be prompted to regenerate the OST for each connection upon first access for changes in Spring '19 / API v45.0.
  • Issue 273 - In the SOQL Query tool window, queried fields with all null values are now displayed properly.
  • Issue 821 - Partial workaround: added type information for Database.DMLOptions. I will look at adding type information to other types returned from the Tooling API without it based on prevalence of use.
  • Issue 1211 - Fixed an issue in OSTs generated against Spring '19 orgs where APEX_OBJECT would be conveyed into rendered Apex stub classes.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.