Illuminated Cloud

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 09, 2019
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Illuminated Cloud is a powerful Salesforce development tool hosted within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. Illuminated Cloud was designed and implemented with the express intent of bringing the beloved feature set of modern Java IDEs to Salesforce developers. Because Illuminated Cloud is hosted within IntelliJ IDEA—both Community Edition and Ultimate Edition are supported—users are also able to leverage IDEA's extensive core feature set for Salesforce development including its powerful source code editors, polyglot language support for composite applications, and tight integrations with version control, task management, and bug tracking systems.

Illuminated Cloud dramatically simplifies development and deployment of Apex, Visualforce, Lightning and other Salesforce metadata types with modern IDE features such as:

  • Support for both traditional and Salesforce DX projects
  • Intelligent context-sensitive code completion and live templates
  • Extensive code navigation and cross-referencing
  • Integrated API documentation
  • ApexDoc support including auto-generation of header comments, tag and symbol completion, syntax highlighting, and quick doc rendering
  • Content type-aware static resource management and static resource bundle support
  • Template-based source file creation
  • Highly-configurable source code formatter
  • Integrated Apex unit test execution and code coverage metrics
  • Source code validation and deployment
  • Powerful Salesforce connection management
  • Flexible and efficient metadata deployment, retrieval, and delete actions
  • Anonymous Apex and SOQL query execution
  • Integrated log viewer
  • Offline Apex debugger

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Recent change notes

  • Issue 1203 - The SFDX scratch org creation dialog now supports parameterized org features and scratch org settings. Scratch org settings are specified via a JSON block corresponding to the scratch org definition's settings key. It is still possible to use org preferences when creating scratch orgs, but note that scratch org settings and org preferences are mutually-exclusive and may not be used together in the same specification.
  • Updated the executable file extension expected on Windows from .exe to .cmd in support of the latest Windows Salesforce CLI installer.
  • Improved the IDE's behavior when the path to the Salesforce CLI executable is missing or invalid.