DTO generator

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Data Transfer Object(DTO) generator that generates Java classes from the given feed.
This is a open source project please raise a feature request or file a bug if any,at our repository we are looking forward for your feedBack

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Recent change notes

    V 1
  • DTO generation support for GSON and Plain old Java Beans
  • Support to create static inner class or separate classes
  • Feild encapsulation support
    V 2
  • Create camel Cased fields from word separators
  • Prefix fields with your favourite characters
  • Generates class fields in the same order of the feed
  • Simple strategy to resolve naming conflicts
  • Notifications to clearly indicate problems and solutions
  • Consistent and bold UI across different look and feel standards
      V 3
    • Bug fixes
Hi guy. I see similar error comment below. Please can you fix it. This is my json. { "outMessage": "OK", "resultData": { "data": [ { "totalLike": 0, "videoPath": "", "mapUrl": "", "avatar": "avatar.png", "userName": "son vo", "post": " posted", "createdDate": "02:50:59 PM", "isEdit": false, "count_like": 1, "comment": [ ] } ] } }
Hey men! i have seen a bug from your parsing. like ..... "commentData": [ ] ...... if array list has null data--> tool throw exception.
Great work... very useful
Awesome... Very helpful in my daily android development
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